STL Sunset Jr. Kickoff
   The Competitor List   

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Alter, Hadley - Clayton, MO
Arif, Samad - Chesterfield, MO

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Bartholomew, Joey - Belleville, IL
Brandt, Maria - O Fallon, MO
Burger, Ellie - Chesterfield, MO

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Carlson, Kyle - Edwardsville, IL
Carpenter, Abby - Wildwood, MO
Casanova, Adam - Saint Louis, MO
Choate, Elizabeth - Edwardsville, IL
Cobin, Benjamin - Saint Louis, MO
Cooper, Will - Saint Louis, MO

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Dallas, Derek - O Fallon, MO
Daminato, Madison - Wildwood, MO
Davis, Braden - Saint Louis, MO
Demos, Arianna - Glencoe, MO
Diehl, Austin - Saint Peters, MO
Dunn, Maura - Saint Louis, MO

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Elangovan, Ashwath - Ballwin, MO

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Fenoglio, Isabel - Saint Louis, MO
Fitzsimmons, Grant - Springfield, IL

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Griesedieck, Eddie - Saint Louis, MO

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Harris, Jack - Chesterfield, MO
Heidbreder, Ainsley - Saint Louis, MO
Heitland, Meredith - Saint Louis, MO
Helbig, Brett - Fenton, MO
Hoerr, Mary - Saint Louis, MO

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Jaladi, Sri - Saint Louis, MO

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Kayser, Ellie - Columbia, MO
Kayser, Maddy - Columbia, MO
Kickham, Emily - Kirkwood, MO
King, Cesiley - Frontenac, MO

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Langton, Benjamin - Kirkwood, MO
Lenzen, Megan - Saint Louis, MO
Lewis, Ellie - Ballwin, MO
Lindsay, Victoria - Belleville, IL

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Manolov, Mirra - Columbia, MO
Martin, Claire - Chesterfield, MO
Masewich, Colt - Wildwood, MO
McCarthy, Kylie - Troy, IL
Melvin, Bryan - East Alton, IL
Mikesell, Alyssa - Saint Albans, MO
Mutala, Milind - Saint Louis, MO

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Nicolli, Robert - Saint Charles, MO

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Panesar, P J - Saint Louis, MO
Peterson, Jake - Olivette, MO
Pieper, Corey - Eureka, MO
Pleimann, Adam - Saint Louis, MO

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Quan, Edward - Maryland Heights, MO

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Raclin, Geoffrey - Saint Louis, MO
Raclin, Tyler - Saint Louis, MO
Reis, Lucy - Saint Louis, MO
Remis, Samantha - Saint Louis, MO
Riedl, Payton - Edwardsville, IL
Roberts, Kyle - Saint Louis, MO
Rosenberger, Daniela - Saint Louis, MO
Rosenberger, Katarina - Saint Louis, MO
Ruger, Henry - Woodbridge, CT

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Samples, Nathan - Bridgeton, MO
Schneller, Daniel - Saint Louis, MO
Shaw, Andrew - Fenton, MO
Stengel, Kate - Town and Country, MO
Stevenson, Emily - Florissant, MO

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Takenaka, Risa - Saint Charles, MO
Takenaka, Yuri - Saint Charles, MO
Trimpe, Chloe - Edwardsville, IL
Trimpe, Zachary - Edwardsville, IL

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Vallurupalli, Jai - Clayton, MO
Vallurupalli, Neel - Clayton, MO
Varner, Matthew - Ellisville, MO
Vidal, Andres - Clayton, MO

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Weiler, Erik - Edwardsville, IL
White, Journee - Florissant, MO
Wieland, Nathanial - Belleville, IL
Wilen, Douglas - Saint Louis, MO
Wilson, Janelle - Godfrey, IL

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Youngberg, Dillon - Town and Country, MO

76 Total Players

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