Tennis Life End of Year Jr. Open L5
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Abell, Andrew - Timonium, MD
Apelbaum, Benjamin - Chevy Chase, MD

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Barg, Daniel - Bethesda, MD
Blask, Ilan - Chevy Chase, MD
Boley, Thomas - Washington, DC
Brevnov, Anatoly - Middleburg, VA

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Camacho, Juan - Montgomery Village, MD
Chang, Justin - Silver Spring, MD
Chen, Jennifer - Potomac, MD
Chen, Kenneth - Great Falls, VA
Cohen, Bennett - Potomac, MD

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Dubrow, Eric - Bethesda, MD
Dubrow, Matthew - Bethesda, MD
Dumas, Slade - Great Falls, VA

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Faust, Eliot - Bethesda, MD
Feigert, William - Mc Lean, VA
Fishman, Jared - Rockville, MD
Frega, Franco - Gaithersburg, MD
Fuqua, Morgan - Richmond, VA

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Gold, Ben - Rockville, MD
Grebosky, Amanda - Reisterstown, MD
Grebosky, Sarah - Reisterstown, MD

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Ho, Sara - Ellicott City, MD

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Jiang, Kaiwen - Gaithersburg, MD

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Lefkowitz, Scotty - Chevy Chase, MD
Leung, Christopher - Rockville, MD
Lusso, Emanuele - Rockville, MD

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Mallon, Joey - Baltimore, MD
Meltsner, Isaac - Washington, DC
Miller, Robert - Frederick, MD
Modin, Jay - Potomac, MD
Moore, John - Gaithersburg, MD
Moy, Andrew - Chevy Chase, MD

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Nanda, Ruchi - North Potomac, MD
Narayana, Prithvi - Oak Hill, VA
Nguyen, Andy - Glen Allen, VA

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Parker, Gregory - Germantown, MD
Peck, Henry - North Potomac, MD
Pedisic, Lana - Bethesda, MD

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Richter, John - Chevy Chase, MD
Rider, Robert - Annapolis, MD
Rubinovitz, Michael - Rockville, MD

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Sand, Mitchell - Mc Lean, VA
Sazanov, Aibek - Arlington, VA
Sodero, Eric - Chevy Chase, MD
Stewart, Drew - Fort Washington, MD
Sun, David - Earlysville, VA

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Talwar, Haris - Washington, DC
Tascher, Jack - Sterling, VA

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Waldman, Charlotte - Bethesda, MD
Wang, Clara - Cooksville, MD
Welch, Jack - Potomac, MD
Wright, Casey - Chevy Chase, MD

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Xi, Anna - Ellicott City, MD

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Yang, Austin - Potomac, MD
Yoon, Daniel - Frederick, MD
Yoon, Edward - Frederick, MD

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Zhang, Kevin - Potomac, MD

58 Total Players

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