Cardinal RC Winter Tennis Challenger
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Allen, Lauren - Greenville, SC
Allen, Sarah - Greenville, SC
Amble, Alex - Summerville, SC
Anderson, Addie - Anderson, SC

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Barfield, Jacob - Anderson, SC
Beatenbough, Bo - Anderson, SC
Beatenbough, Rob - Anderson, SC
Bittner, Brooke - Greer, SC
Britt, Jordan - Piedmont, SC
Britt, Noah - Piedmont, SC
Brutzer, Jack - Folly Beach, SC

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Carver, J - Asheville, NC
Conti, Peyton - Simpsonville, SC
Crawford, Christen - Fountain Inn, SC
Crowley, Richard - Greer, SC

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Dellabarca, Calissa - Blythewood, SC
Dorsey, Brolin - Anderson, SC
Dowler, Conor - Anderson, SC
Dunn, Alex - Flat Rock, NC

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Edwards, Jacob - Easley, SC
Epps, Emma - Fountain Inn, SC

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Fite, Hallie - Greer, SC
Forrester, Chandler - Spartanburg, SC

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Glanton, Grayson - Greenwood, SC

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Holtzclaw, Madison - Liberty, SC
Hossain, Shahab - Belton, SC

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Ivey, Natalie - Anderson, SC

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Johns, Christopher - Simpsonville, SC
Johns, Samantha - Simpsonville, SC

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Khulordava, Nicholas - Anderson, SC
Kim, Andrew - Simpsonville, SC
King, Matt - Anderson, SC
Kleinfeldt, Annabel - Clemson, SC

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Layton, Lauren - Buford, GA
Loudermilk, Katie - Anderson, SC

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Maddock, McCarley - Columbia, SC
McCullough, Charlie - Spartanburg, SC
McCullough, Zachary - Spartanburg, SC
Merriman, Morgan - Anderson, SC
Moyers, Faith - Greer, SC

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Nuckolls, Avery - Greenville, SC
Nuckolls, Day - Greenville, SC

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O'Connor, Daniel - Greenville, SC
Owens, Hannah - Fountain Inn, SC

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Pitts, Nathan - Greer, SC
Pitts, Timmothy - Greer, SC

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Qu, James - Greer, SC

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Roberts, Drayk - Spartanburg, SC
Roberts, Farron - Spartanburg, SC

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Scruggs, Hanna - Rutherfordton, NC
Simpson, Dylan - Travelers Rest, SC
Smith, Benjamin - Clemson, SC
Snyder, Rebekah - Knoxville, TN
Spencer, Austin - Anderson, SC
Spencer, Jillian - Anderson, SC
Spry, James - Greenville, SC
Stacy, Austin - Williamston, SC
Stamey, Matthew - Anderson, SC

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Tucker, Rollins - Anderson, SC

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White, Trevor - Greenville, SC

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Yates, Timmons - Anderson, SC

61 Total Players

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