Bay Area RC January Open
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Ahmed, Noor - League City, TX
Ahmed, Youssef - League City, TX

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Bailey, Rachel - League City, TX
Bbale, Christopher - Houston, TX
Belknap, Austin - League City, TX
Belknap, Michael - League City, TX
Berry, Jacob - Sugar Land, TX
Boroujerdi, Ariana - Houston, TX
Borovik, Anton - Houston, TX
Brito, Julia - Houston, TX
Brito, Sophia - Houston, TX
Brown, Gregory - Houston, TX
Bualat, Petr - Baytown, TX
Butler, Joshua - League City, TX

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Caldwell, Jackson - Seabrook, TX
Campos, Miguel - Santa Rosa, CA
Canjar, Francesca - Houston, TX
Canjar, Nicholas - Houston, TX
Chappell, Matthew - Seguin, TX
Chappell, Robert - Seguin, TX
Chase, Sydney - Friendswood, TX
Chavis, Quentin - LA Marque, TX
Cheng, Claire - Houston, TX
Claybaker, Ben - Marlin, TX

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Dakay, Archelus - Friendswood, TX
Dalal, Ayushi - Houston, TX
Desbrow, Jordan - Friendswood, TX
Desbrow, Ryan - Friendswood, TX
Dillon, Matthew - Nacogdoches, TX
Doerre, Madison - Kemah, TX

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Farine, Brice - League City, TX
Farine, Dalton - League City, TX
French, Wendy - Cypress, TX
Fuselier, Taylor - Pasadena, TX

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Gerbich, Joshua - Webster, TX
Glaze, Nicholas - Houston, TX
Goldston, Allison - Friendswood, TX
Goldston, Emily - Friendswood, TX
Goonan, Jonathan - Sugar Land, TX
Gopal, Neel - College Station, TX
Gopal, Neha - College Station, TX
Green, Essence - Houston, TX
Green, Mahogani - Houston, TX
Gutierrez, Dexter - Houston, TX

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Hadley, David - Magnolia, TX
Hari, Varun - The Woodlands, TX
Hernandez, Alex - Deer Park, TX
Hinkie, William - Pasadena, TX
Hunter, Catherine - Cypress, TX
Hunter, Elizabeth - Cypress, TX
Hurt, Allison - League City, TX

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Isquierdo, Adrian - Angleton, TX

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Jeter, Mackenzie - Friendswood, TX
Johnson, Chloe - League City, TX
Johnson, Matthew - Houston, TX

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Kapasi, Kabeer - Houston, TX
Kersey, Justin - Angleton, TX
Kommireddy, Anusha - Sugar Land, TX
Kommireddy, Sriharsha - Sugar Land, TX
Kudrick, Jacob - Spring, TX
Kulkarni, Anish - Houston, TX

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Leonard, Brett - Katy, TX
Levine, Ariana - Beaumont, TX
Ling, Jinjie - Houston, TX
Ling, Ruth - Houston, TX
Livasy, David - Houston, TX
Long, Cameron - Houston, TX
Luu, Johnny - Friendswood, TX

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Mabry, Paul - Hitchcock, TX
Martin, Brian - League City, TX
Martinez, Manuel - Dickinson, TX
Mathieu, Jennifer - Houston, TX
Mathieu, Viviane - Houston, TX
Matthias, Gage - Houston, TX
Mccants, Rickey - Richmond, TX
Mckenzie, Grant - Houston, TX
McKissick, Alexandra - Humble, TX
McKissick, Sheridan - Humble, TX
Middleton, Blake - Houston, TX

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Nguyen, Bella - College Station, TX
Nguyen, Chad - College Station, TX
Nguyen, Jim - Houston, TX
Norman, Tyler - League City, TX
Novak, Tim - Dickinson, TX

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Orr, Korey - Pinehurst, TX
Overcash, Barry - Houston, TX

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Pallotta, Christian - Houston, TX
Palmer, Polina - Katy, TX
Pant, Nickhil - Houston, TX
Pham, Kevin - Sugar Land, TX
Powell, Michelle - Pearland, TX
Powell, Tarrah- - Pearland, TX
Price, Joelle - Houston, TX

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Rasekh, Sherwin - Houston, TX
Ray, Chandler - League City, TX
Rea, Anthony - Houston, TX
Reistle, Bruce - Houston, TX
Reistle, Paige - Houston, TX
Richter, Teagan - San Antonio, TX
Robles, Mateo - The Woodlands, TX
Rodriggs, Ryan - Houston, TX
Rondon, Alex - Houston, TX

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Sebastiao, Kethleen - Katy, TX
Sheikh, Aisha - Sugar Land, TX
Siddiqi, Imran - Houston, TX
Sierra, Juliana - Pearland, TX
Sierra, Melissa - Pearland, TX
Skaggs, Grace - Houston, TX
Skaggs, Grant - Houston, TX
Sowle, Anshul - Houston, TX
Spivak, Brooke - Katy, TX
Spivak, Zachary - Katy, TX
Srinivasan, Tanmay - Bellaire, TX
Srinivasan, Tarun - Bellaire, TX
Stapper, Andrea - Austin, TX
Stapper, Sierra - Austin, TX
Starr, Madison - Lake Jackson, TX

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Tarver, Matt - Montgomery, TX
Templin, Tory - Seabrook, TX

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Vinson, Matthew - Houston, TX
Voumard, Haley - League City, TX

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Weigel, John - Webster, TX
Weinstein, Sean - Houston, TX
Wigginton, Van - Houston, TX
Wilde, Blake - Houston, TX
Wilde, Cecile - Houston, TX
Willis, Katelyn - Friendswood, TX

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Zachry, Samuel - Houston, TX
Zhou, Jimin - Sugar Land, TX

129 Total Players

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