Greensboro B18-12 Indoor Jr. Chmps.
   The Competitor List   

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Abernethy, Eli - Asheville, NC
Allen, Austin - Asheboro, NC

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Baker, Coleman - Asheville, NC
Bardini, Andrew - Wake Forest, NC
Bass, Michael - Greensboro, NC
Boole, Taylor - Raleigh, NC
Broadstreet, Andrew - Summerfield, NC

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Chapman, Brody - Raleigh, NC
Chavez, Miguel - Raleigh, NC
Cook, Joshua - Cary, NC
Cook, Trey - Cary, NC
Covington, Blake - Reidsville, NC
Cunius, William - Wilmington, NC

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Darden, Aaron - Denver, NC
Dauler, Brandon - Summerfield, NC
Dean, Connor - Greensboro, NC
Dinkins, Dylan - Carthage, NC
Duran, Boris - Greensboro, NC

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Ferner, Jake - Wilmington, NC
Fujino, Masahiro - Summerfield, NC

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Gay, Carter - High Point, NC
Gertz, Alex - Greensboro, NC
Gillenwater, Peyton - Summerfield, NC
Godwin, Tate - Durham, NC
Gwynn, Michael - Greensboro, NC

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Hager, Evan - Randleman, NC
Halukurike, Rishi - Greensboro, NC
Heider, Henry - Mooresville, NC
Heider, Ryan - Mooresville, NC
Hogan, Paul - Lenoir, NC
Holder, Samuel - Mount Airy, NC

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Jung, River - Greensboro, NC

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Keaton, Caleb - Mint Hill, NC
Keaton, Joshua - Mint Hill, NC
Kenna, Jeffrey - Raleigh, NC
Kolls, Mason - Greensboro, NC

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Le, Pascal - Cary, NC
Leyendecker, Michael - Winston Salem, NC
Lyon, Jacob - State Road, NC

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Mahon, Jimmy - Raleigh, NC
McWhorter, Carter - Greensboro, NC
McWhorter, Warren - Greensboro, NC
Miller, Grant - Holly Springs, NC
Motchar, Jackson - Davidson, NC
Murray, Robert - Greensboro, NC
Murray, William - Winston Salem, NC
Myers, Fernando - Huntersville, NC

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Ogden, Michael - Salisbury, NC
Olson, Meade - Asheville, NC

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Patterson, Kondwani - Charlotte, NC
Perumov, Dennis - Chapel Hill, NC
Pocrnja, Dominik - Browns Summit, NC
Prasad, Varun - Chapel Hill, NC

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Rasco, William - Asheville, NC
Reid, Jedd - Greensboro, NC
Reid, JonBrann - Claremont, NC
Reid, Ryen - Claremont, NC
Rennie, Nicholas - Chapel Hill, NC
Roberts, Joseph - Brevard, NC

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Schell, Ryan - Jonesville, NC
Schlanger, Kyle - Summerfield, NC
Schrader, Joseph - Brevard, NC
Scott, Kyle - Greensboro, NC
Senior, Patrick - Wilmington, NC
Shaheen, James - Chapel Hill, NC
Sharma, Daiven - Charlotte, NC
Soler, William - Greensboro, NC
Spera, Nicholas - Clemmons, NC
Sriram, Adithya - Cary, NC
Still, Cre - Hendersonville, NC
Stone, Campbell - Raleigh, NC
Stone, Harrison - Durham, NC
Strother, Caleb - Indian Land, SC
Sywolski, Otto - Wilmington, NC

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Taylor, Scott - Greensboro, NC
Thompson, Aaron - Greensboro, NC
Trentini, Michael - Greensboro, NC

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Wang, Thomas - Chapel Hill, NC
Welton, Cole - Vass, NC
Whisnant, Dylan - Greensboro, NC
Whisnant, Eric - Greensboro, NC
Wong, Evan - Greensboro, NC

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Xu, Eric - Colfax, NC

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Zhang, Eric - Summerfield, NC
Zilberter, David - Morrisville, NC

85 Total Players

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