January Bay Classic Jr. Chmps. L6
   The Competitor List   

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Allen, Nicholas - Green Bay, WI
Ameti, Zana - Sheboygan, WI

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Balthazor, Nathan - Green Bay, WI
Binversie, Gabe - Plymouth, WI

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Collard, Barret - DE Pere, WI
Cullen, Mark - Green Bay, WI

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Del Moral, Nicholas
DelMoral, Ariana - Green Bay, WI
Dykema, Jack - De Pere, WI

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Glezer, Benjamin - De Pere, WI
Guo, Sebastian - WI
Guo, Spencer - Green Bay, WI

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Harrison, Megan - Oneida, WI
Harrison, Sean - Oneida, WI
Heisdorf, Hannah - De Pere, WI
Hoffmann, Audra - Kohler, WI
Howe, Lily - Hobart, WI

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Iwen, Myles - De Pere, WI

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Janssen, Zachary - Green Bay, WI

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Kerscher, Gina - Green Bay, WI
Krzewinski, Megan - Green Bay, WI

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Louwagie, Jenny - Kohler, WI
Lukas, Michael - Manitowoc, WI

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Mauthe, Grant - Neenah, WI
Mauthe, Michael - Neenah, WI
Mian, Abrar - Green Bay, WI
Mian, Ahmed - Green Bay, WI
Mian, Imran - Green Bay, WI
Mihailescu, Maria - WI

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Nicklaus, Michael - Rothschild, WI

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Parish, Charlie - Green Bay, WI
Paulsen, Danielle - WI
Pleger, Andrew - De Pere, WI
Plummer, Molly - Green Bay, WI

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Schneider, William - DE Pere, WI
Smith, Hannah - De Pere, WI

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Tang, Sabrina - Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Templeton, Elizabeth - Green Bay, WI

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Verma, Syon - WI

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Wait, Benjamin - Germantown, WI
Wall, Scott - De Pere, WI

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Zakowski, John - Green Bay, WI
Zakowski, Mary - Green Bay, WI

43 Total Players

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