30th Racquet Centre Satellite Tourn.
   The Competitor List   

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Ahn, Daniel - Porter Ranch, CA
Als, Deanna - South Pasadena, CA
Anderson, Brianna - Glendale, CA

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Benitez, Gianna - Santa Clarita, CA
Bogert, Natalie - Manhattan Beach, CA
Braun, Tali - Los Angeles, CA

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Chew, Jennifer - Los Angeles, CA
Chong, Nicholas - Boca Raton, FL
Chou, Kathleen - Arcadia, CA
Collings, Oliver - Pasadena, CA
Cuan, Matthew - Yorba Linda, CA

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Dust, Alyson - San Bernardino, CA

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Fedorova, Nika - Cerritos, CA

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Garcia, Christian - La Crescenta, CA
Garcia, Jordan - La Crescenta, CA
Garcia, Lauren - La Crescenta, CA
Gatsiounis, Lucinda - Los Angeles, CA

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Hannah, Merivelle - Burbank, CA
Hicks, Phillip - Santa Barbara, CA

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Ignatius, James - Los Angeles, CA

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Katz, Camille - Altadena, CA
Keymeulen, Sawa - La Canada, CA

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Leist-Alston, Justin - Corona, CA
Lewczuk, Adam - Pasadena, CA
Lurie, Matthew - Los Angeles, CA

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Paradise, Andre - Bakersfield, CA
Paradise, Erica - Bakersfield, CA
Payne, Henry - Los Angeles, CA

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Redlich, Noah - Los Angeles, CA
Rideaux, Damon - Inglewood, CA
Robles, William - Playa Del Rey, CA

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Sanchez, Alora - Pasadena, CA
Sobieski, Oliver - South Pasadena, CA
Stamps-Robinson, Dalton - Los Angeles, CA
Stavropoulos, Arianna - Sierra Madre, CA
Stutman, Olivia - Los Angeles, CA
Stutman, Zoe - Los Angeles, CA
Sullivan, Liam - Los Angeles, CA

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Triplett, Mikala - Goleta, CA

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Volkov, Maxim - Studio City, CA

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Waliry, Amadeo - Rowland Heights, CA
Waugh, Brittany - Stevenson Ranch, CA

42 Total Players

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