YMCA Airport Tourn. I DR L7
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Ascencio, Ellian - Venetia, PA
Azinger, Collin - Pittsburgh, PA

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Bang, JungEek - Allison Park, PA
Becker, Ryan - Moon Township, PA
Bruce, Connor - Mc Murray, PA
Bruscemi, Alexis - Mc Kees Rocks, PA
Bruscemi, Amanda - Mc Kees Rocks, PA

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Campagna, Carlye - Mc Murray, PA
Carpenter, Anna - Bethel Park, PA
Cenkner, Noah - Acme, PA
Cowlagi, Rohan - Sewickley, PA

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D'Angelo, Logan - Moon Township, PA
Davidson, Chase - Wexford, PA

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Escribens, Fernando - Upper St Clair, PA

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Ference, James - Bethel Park, PA
Funera, Michael - Hermitage, PA

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Gray, Maura - Pittsburgh, PA

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Handy, Kaera - Venetia, PA
Holcombe, Jennifer - Venetia, PA
Huang, Ashley - Wexford, PA

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Immonen, Sebastian - Wexford, PA
Isaacs, Jared - Wexford, PA

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Kann, Cooper - Pittsburgh, PA
Kwok, Kevin - Pittsburgh, PA

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Lee, Kevin - Harrison City, PA
Lilley, Dru - Venetia, PA

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Magnelli, Nick - Moon Twp, PA
Maietta, Samantha - Ellwood City, PA
Mason, Mack - Carnegie, PA
Mason, Margo - Carnegie, PA
May, Kennedy - Presto, PA
McBride, Brittany - Erie, PA
McCormick, Daniel - Sewickley, PA
Muza, Ethan - Venetia, PA
Muza, Mason - Venetia, PA

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Nath, Neil - Gibsonia, PA

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Parisi, Morgan - Venetia, PA
Perelman, Emma - Pittsburgh, PA
Phillips, Luke - Pittsburgh, PA

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Riley, Kristi - Pittsburgh, PA
Russell, Scott - Pittsburgh, PA

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Santora, Elyssandra - Renfrew, PA
Schenk, Nolan - Pittsburgh, PA
Strohl, Charlie - Pittsburgh, PA
Strohl, Julia - Pittsburgh, PA

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Vlad, Alexander - Wexford, PA
Voinov, Ivan - Sewickley, PA

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Warner, Olivia - Eighty Four, PA

48 Total Players

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