January Super Series L6
   The Competitor List   

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Anhalzer, Miranda - Gainesville, FL

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Beglaryan, Arthur - Lady Lake, FL
Blanchard, Carrigan - Jacksonville, FL
Blaser, Logan - Gainesville, FL
Brandt, Benjamin - Gainesville, FL

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Cockey, Ethan - Gainesville, FL
Cockey, Samuel - Gainesville, FL
Coley, William - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Cricchio, Cade - Gainesville, FL
Cricchio, Kensie - Gainesville, FL

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Daab, Faith - Orange Park, FL
Davis, Hunter - Winter Park, FL
Dean, Nash - Gainesville, FL
Dela Cruz, Carl - Gainesville, FL
Diegan, Sean - Jacksonville, FL
Donovan, Connor - Gainesville, FL

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Evans, Palmer - Tampa, FL

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Glasgow, Emmett - Jacksonville, FL

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Hanigan, Ashton - Jacksonville, FL
Healy, Marykathryn - Tallahassee, FL
Helmerson, Hanna - Gainesville, FL
Hill, Hank - Jacksonville Beach, FL

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Ifju, Daniela - Newberry, FL
Ifju, Marcela - Newberry, FL

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Jones, Christa - Gainesville, FL
Jones, Morgan - Gainesville, FL

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Kennard, Jadon - Archer, FL

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Libby, Philip - Ocala, FL
Louie-Meadors, Emily - Gainesville, FL
Lynch, Victoria - Jacksonville, FL

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McGahee, Hailey - High Springs, FL
Meyerson, Charlie - Gainesville, FL
Michal, Sara - Gainesville, FL
Milani, Lorna - Gainesville, FL
Moffett, Aminah - Gainesville, FL

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Nagoshi, Benjamin - Gainesville, FL
Nicholson, Paige - Tallahassee, FL
Nickerson, Jordan - Jacksonville, FL
Novoa, Chandler - Fort Myers, FL

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Papa, Sophia - Gainesville, FL
Perkins, Sarah - Ocala, FL
Pham, Brandon - Jacksonville, FL
Pham, Brian - Jacksonville, FL

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Ramesh, Chetana - Saint Johns, FL
Ramesh, Gayatri - Saint Johns, FL
Rose, Reid - Saint Johns, FL
Rose, Will - Jacksonville, FL

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Shannon, Gregory - Longwood, FL
Shelton, Emma - Gainesville, FL
Sicangco, Paulo - Jacksonville, FL
Stewart, Brandon - Gainesville, FL

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Tahiri, Mirabelle - Beverly Hills, FL
Thibault, Harrison - Gainesville, FL

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Vlasak, Abigail - Gainesville, FL

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Wartels, Alexander - Ocala, FL
Whitelock, Genesis - St Petersburg, FL
Wilby, Kendal - Gainesville, FL
Wright, Ellie - Gainesville, FL

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Yaylali, Selin - Gainesville, FL

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Zenonos, Alexander - Jacksonville, FL

60 Total Players

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