Paramount Girl's Winter Classic
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Aey, Caroline - Poland, OH
Allen, Mackenzie - Aurora, OH
Arnold, Alivia - North Canton, OH
Attell, Ella - Pepper Pike, OH
Aufrance, AnnaMae - Louisville, OH

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Betscher, Elise - Lexington, OH
Bourlas, Natalie - North Canton, OH
Bourlas, Nicolette - North Canton, OH
Buchinsky, Rachel - Solon, OH

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Cicero, Cassy - Chardon, OH
Crisalli, Samantha - Richfield, OH

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Daugherty, Lynn - North Canton, OH
Daverio, Isabella - Richfield, OH
Deeter, MacKenzie - Wadsworth, OH
Deluca, Annie - Avon, OH
Dobos, Morgan - Copley, OH
Dragos, Nicole - Lexington, OH

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Felden, Michelle - Akron, OH

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Golick, Lindsey - Westlake, OH

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Heupler, Caroline - Hudson, OH

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Jhaveri, Demetria - Westlake, OH

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Kates, Sydney - Pepper Pike, OH
Kestner, Sophie - Uniontown, OH

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Lengel, Ashley - Hinckley, OH
Longo, Lauren - Novelty, OH

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Mack, Marcela - Cleveland Hts, OH
Mahoney, Lauren - Chagrin Falls, OH
Mawby, Isabelle - Hudson, OH
McKenna, Maren - Cincinnati, OH
McKenna, Margaret - Cincinnati, OH
Mentler, Halle - Avon, OH
Moran, Tess - Lakewood, OH

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Pepperney, Lauren - Poland, OH
Persky, Allyson - Solon, OH

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Quinones, Isabel - Rocky River, OH

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Rondini, Olivia - Euclid, OH

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Sandberg, Molly - Hudson, OH
Schweers, Audrey - Poland, OH
Stuczynski, Eleanor - Brecksville, OH

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Traxler, Jordyn - Lexington, OH

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Vesikallio, Alexandra - Bay Village, OH
Vizelman, Jamie - Highland Hts, OH

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Warburton, Abigail - North Canton, OH
Weaver, Natalie - Mentor, OH
Welch, Allison - Medina, OH
Witt, Emily - Grafton, OH

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Young, Livia - Copley, OH

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Zivick, Anne - Uniontown, OH
Zivick, Maria - Uniontown, OH

49 Total Players

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