L2O Sportime RI Jan. Open
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An, Alyssa - New York, NY

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Bennett, Bradley - New York, NY
Bernstein, Brett - New York, NY
Bilski, John-Tomas - New York, NY

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Camacho, Simon - New York, NY
Conille, Gaelle - New York, NY
Cooper, Isabella - Brooklyn, NY
Curcio, Matthew - Flushing, NY

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Dworkin, Drew - New York, NY

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Eisenberg, Noah - New York, NY

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Givone, Ava - Purchase, NY
Golub, Kevin - New York, NY

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Huber, Alexis - Melville, NY
Hunt Thomas, Jasper - New York, NY

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Jadow, Lindsay - New York, NY

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Kaneff, Josh - New York, NY
Klafter, Rebecca - New York, NY
Krall, Liam - Bronxville, NY

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Lachmanen, Dylan - Brooklyn, NY
Laffont, Alfonso - New York, NY
Laffont, Nicolas - New York, NY
Leung, Andrew - Brooklyn, NY

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McCook, Ryan - Saint Albans, NY
Melwani, Rehan - Glen Cove, NY

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Nelson, Dylan - New York, NY
Nornberg, Roey - New York, NY

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Oltean, Nicolas - Forest Hills, NY

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Pennington, Caroline - New York, NY
Pennington, Oliver - New York, NY
Picciochi, Keri - Flushing, NY
Poritzky, Elijah - Greenfield Center, NY

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Ruger, Henry - Woodbridge, CT

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Safir, Michael - Old Westbury, NY
Schlossel, Elisabeth - New York, NY
Shepard, Mike - New York, NY
Szuper, Julian - New York, NY

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Tuck, Spencer - Brooklyn, NY

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Yu, Jeffrey - Forest Hills, NY

38 Total Players

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