Carmel Racquet Club Jr. Open
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Andres, Will - New Albany, IN

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Bates, Alec - New Albany, IN
Baxter, Stephen - Carmel, IN
Bhargava, Shivam - Westfield, IN
Bhatt, Aditya - Fishers, IN
Brady, Abby - Indianapolis, IN
Brown, Clayton - New Palestine, IN
Bullock, Leah - Brownsburg, IN

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Cavanaugh, Jackson - Plainfield, IN
Cazier, Addison - Fishers, IN
Chen, Jeffrey - Carmel, IN
Chen, Larry - Carmel, IN
Clohessy, Drake - Muncie, IN
Coakes, Cameron - West Lafayette, IN
Cobb, Drew - Carmel, IN

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Dzubay, Paul - Bloomington, IN

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Edwards, Luke - Avon, IN
Edwards, Lydia - Avon, IN
Enghauser, Allison - Indianapolis, IN

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Farmer, Benjamin - Indianapolis, IN
Fitzpatrick, Meghann - Mooresville, IN
Fitzpatrick, Molly - Mooresville, IN
Fitzpatrick, Morgan - Mooresville, IN
Fox, Andrew - Muncie, IN
French, Morgan - Carmel, IN
French, Richard - Indianapolis, IN

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Gould, Sophia - Carmel, IN
Gray, Jacob - Greenwood, IN
Gray, Mitchell - Fort Wayne, IN

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Hacker, Alec - Carmel, IN
Haigh, Grace - Carmel, IN
Hardwick, Halie - Yorktown, IN
Harrington, Reiley - Carmel, IN
Helm, Matthew - Bloomington, IN
Henry, Allison - Indianapolis, IN
Hensley, Austin - Milford, OH
Hillenbrand, Jessica - Fishers, IN
Hirsch, Ben - Indianapolis, IN
Hirsch, Marcus - Indianapolis, IN

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Jones, Emily - Greenwood, IN
Jung, Alex - Bloomington, IN

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Kalis, Parker - Westfield, IN
Katz, Jaren - Carmel, IN
Keller, Lucy - Indianapolis, IN
Kenney, Michael - Carmel, IN
Kinney, Taylor - Greenwood, IN
Kite, Jack - Carmel, IN

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Landrum, Kyle - New Albany, IN
Larkin, John - Cincinnati, OH
Lebovits, Ali - Carmel, IN
Lueken, Maria - Jasper, IN

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Manas, Apurva - Carmel, IN
Mantri, Aditya - Columbus, IN
McAuley, Caroline - Indianapolis, IN
McAuley, Patrick - Indianapolis, IN
Mendenhall, Michael - Martinsville, IN
Metzger, Cameron - Westfield, IN
Metzger, Wyatt - Westfield, IN
Moore, Laura - Westfield, IN

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Nahmias, Drew - Carmel, IN
Nahmias, Eli - Carmel, IN
Noe, Mark - Carmel, IN

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Ozlowski, Alissa - Carmel, IN

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Padgett, Justin - Jeffersonville, IN
Padgett, Lauryn - Carmel, IN
Parshall, Evan - Westfield, IN
Pleshkan, Yevgenia - Indianapolis, IN

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Rodefeld, Daniel - Carmel, IN
Rogers, Mac - Bloomington, IN

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Salter, Samuel - Carmel, IN
Schaible, Lucas - Findlay, OH
Seaman, Daniel - Greencastle, IN
Seng, Eli - Jasper, IN
Snider, Emma - Yorktown, IN
Sons, Christopher - Jeffersonville, IN
Spirrison, Ashley - Fishers, IN
Stark, Andrew - Indianapolis, IN
Steiner, Matthew - Fort Wayne, IN
Stoffel, Maxamis - Carmel, IN
Swedo, Karen - Carmel, IN

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Tewari, Samir - Carmel, IN
Tewari, Vijay - Carmel, IN

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Vail, George - Indianapolis, IN
Van Der Wiel, Scott - Carmel, IN
Vohra, Elaina - Carmel, IN
Vuotto, Gina - Fortville, IN

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Watson, Kyle - West Terre Haute, IN
Weaver, Grant - Jasper, IN
White, Hayden - Carmel, IN
Wiegel, Drew - Indianapolis, IN
Wituski, Waverly - Springboro, OH
Wood, Emma - Seymour, IN
Wright, Joshua - Lebanon, IN
Wright, Nick - Lebanon, IN

94 Total Players

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