GII Jr. Open
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Albright, Andrew - Friendswood, TX
Arias, Juliana - Tomball, TX
Azad, Aava - Webster, TX

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Bahel, Arjun - Sugar Land, TX
Barton, Ashley - The Woodlands, TX
Bell, Grace - Harlingen, TX
Borovik, Anton - Houston, TX
Brice, Kyle - Katy, TX
Burns, Michala - Tomball, TX

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Castellanos Garcia, Julio - The Woodlands, TX
Castellanos Garcia, Natalia - The Woodlands, TX
Castellanos Garcia, Stephanie - The Woodlands, TX
Chamberlain, Drew - Humble, TX
Coe, James - Houston, TX
Crim, Cameron - Kingwood, TX
Cuervo, Luis - Houston, TX
Cuervo, Maria - Houston, TX

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Don-Arthur, Autumn - Pearland, TX
Duong, Melody - League City, TX

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El Jeitane, Lilian - Spring, TX
Estrada, David - Houston, TX

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Flinn, Hannah - Houston, TX
Flores, Megan - Houston, TX
French, Wendy - Cypress, TX

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Giles, Peyton - Cypress, TX
Goldston, Allison - Friendswood, TX
Goldston, Emily - Friendswood, TX
Gonzalez, Anamaria - Houston, TX
Green, Daniel - Spring, TX
Green, Sharon - Spring, TX
Grove, Nick - Houston, TX
Grove, Sydney - Houston, TX
Guarin, Nicolas - Houston, TX
Gullett, James - College Station, TX
Gupta, Ritvik - Houston, TX

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Hamner, Tommy - Houston, TX
Hari, Varun - The Woodlands, TX
Harris, Dasia - Sugar Land, TX
Hellesmark, Sindre - Houston, TX
Hillyard, Patrick Michael - Katy, TX
Hillyard, Robert - Katy, TX
Hunter, Elizabeth - Cypress, TX

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Jacobs, Eva - Houston, TX
Ji, Eric - Katy, TX

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Karamihan, Gabrielle - Humble, TX
Kenawi, Alhassan - Katy, TX
Kendall, Elisa - Houston, TX
Kiefer, Alexander - The Woodlands, TX
Kiefer, Nicole - The Woodlands, TX
Kubena, Jeffrey - Seadrift, TX
Kubena, Patrick - Seadrift, TX
Kudrick, Jacob - Spring, TX

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Laughlin, Megan - Houston, TX
Lekovic, Vesko - Houston, TX
Luu, Johnny - Friendswood, TX

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Mabee, Neil - Houston, TX
Mabee, Sarah - Houston, TX
Mackey, Madeline - Montgomery, TX
Martin, Brian - League City, TX
Martin, Kate - Katy, TX
Martinez, Manuel - Dickinson, TX
Mategrano, Marcus - Tomball, TX
McWilliams, Courtney - Cypress, TX
Meza, Jordan - Houston, TX
Mitchell, Maura - Friendswood, TX
Moolchan, Christopher - Houston, TX
Moon, Emma - Corpus Christi, TX
Muse, Zierrah - Humble, TX

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Nassar, Natalia - Bellaire, TX
Ngo, Alan - Friendswood, TX
Ngo, Michelle - Friendswood, TX

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Pant, Nickhil - Houston, TX
Paulino, Carlos - Conroe, TX
Paull, Alexis - Bellaire, TX
Peeris, Apeksha - Friendswood, TX
Peeris, Delaney - Friendswood, TX

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Qian, Bryan - Houston, TX

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Ramaswamy, Nila - Sugar Land, TX
Rassner, Cole - Houston, TX
Reistle, Paige - Houston, TX
Rivers, Clark - Tomball, TX
Rodriguez, Elisa - Houston, TX
Rodriguez, Felipe - Spring, TX

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Salinas, Bianca - Pearland, TX
Salinas, Drake - Baytown, TX
Sen, Reshmi - Katy, TX
Shebib, Leanna - Houston, TX
Shelyukh, Kristina - Pearland, TX
Shotwell, Drew - Alvin, TX
Smith, Ethan - Midland, TX
Srinivasan, Preethi - Sugar Land, TX
Srinivasan, Tarun - Bellaire, TX
Sura, Rohan - Katy, TX

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Templin, Tory - Seabrook, TX
Tollefson, Eli - Cypress, TX

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Velasquez, Phoenix - Houston, TX
Vinson, Matthew - Houston, TX
Vu, Lauren - Houston, TX

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Walker, Amanda - Tomball, TX
Walker, Michelle - Tomball, TX
Way, Jack - Pearland, TX
Westwick, Ben - Houston, TX
Westwick, Emma - Houston, TX
Wilfong, Ashton - Corpus Christi, TX
Willis, Katelyn - Friendswood, TX
Wuerker, Sarah - Tomball, TX

106 Total Players

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