Perrysburg TC Jr. Winter Open
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Abdul-Aziz, Nora - Perrysburg, OH
Abdul-Aziz, Omar - Perrysburg, OH
Amarnath, Sidharth - Novi, MI

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Barrett, Taylor - Holly, MI
Black, Kelsi - Monroe, MI
Boice, Lilli - Ottawa Hills, OH
Bramlage, Evan - Perrysburg, OH
Bramlage, McKenna - Perrysburg, OH
Bramlage, Mitchell - Perrysburg, OH
Brown, Kevin - Perrysburg, OH
Bukovinszky, Abigail - Waterville, OH
Burkett, Jacob - Clarkston, MI

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Carpenter, Brian - Ann Arbor, MI
Chang, Olivia - Ann Arbor, MI
Christner, Austin - Millersburg, IN
Ciucci, Abigail - Sylvania, OH
Ciucci, Dominic - Sylvania, OH
Conover, Olivia - Flushing, MI

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Dunbar, Julia - Westlake, OH
Dunlap, Ava - Grand Blanc, MI
Dunlap, Jack - Grand Blanc, MI

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Egli, Adam - Perrysburg, OH
Ellsworth, Sydney - Williamston, MI
Emrich, Lauren - Fremont, OH
Englehart, Nathan - Perrysburg, OH

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Fair, Taylor - Carrollton, OH
Farren, Cole - Akron, OH
Filatoff, Dennis - Sylvania, OH
Fultz, Rebecca - Bowling Green, OH

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Gandham, David - Ann Arbor, MI
Gandham, Miriam - Ann Arbor, MI
Gao, Joanne - Novi, MI
Goldberg, Margaret - Ann Arbor, MI
Gray, Adia - Rossford, OH
Gray, Alston - Rossford, OH
Gray, Kasen - Rossford, OH
Griffith, Alexa - South Lyon, MI
Guffey, Alysa - Indianapolis, IN

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Hilkert, Bennett - Solon, OH
Hire, Ellie - Perrysburg, OH
Hollerbach, Carly - Rossford, OH
Horvath, Camren - Sylvania, OH
Huss, Chad - Toledo, OH

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Joerg, Robert - Fremont, OH

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Kamenny, Antony - Sylvania, OH
Karnani, Shan - Sylvania, OH
Katragadda, Akhil - Sylvania, OH
King, Whitney - Grosse Ile, MI
Klucas, London - Toledo, OH
Kumar, Reeshma - Novi, MI
Kumar, Shanoli - Novi, MI

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Laungani, Dev - Sylvania, OH
Laungani, Rajeev - Sylvania, OH
Lawrence, Austin - Delaware, OH
Leroux, Gregory - Maumee, OH

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Maltby, Christopher - Glen Ellyn, IL
Maltby, Susanna - Glen Ellyn, IL
Mandair, Sukhmani - Dexter, MI
Mattimoe, Molly - Toledo, OH
McGee, Matthew - Oregon, OH
McQuillin, Ava - Waterville, OH
Mercer, Eli - Carmel, IN
Mercer, Mitchell - Carmel, IN
Michelich, Connor - Westlake, OH
Mickler, Caleb - Toledo, OH
Miller, Karina - Ann Arbor, MI
Myers, Chelsea - Wapakoneta, OH

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O'Connell, Abigail - Perrysburg, OH
Onest, Sydney - Perrysburg, OH

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Pake, Rebekah - Grand Blanc, MI
Palmer, Sophia - Perrysburg, OH
Patton, Ciera - Toledo, OH
Podolsky, Lucas - Sylvania, OH

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Reed, Robert - Monroe, MI
Reed, Stephen - Monroe, MI
Robinson, Colin - Maumee, OH

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Sable, Emma - Bloomfield Hills, MI
Sable, Marc - Bloomfield Hills, MI
Sams, Moira - Perrysburg, OH
Schankula, Caitlyn - Perrysburg, OH
Schardt, Mallory - Lambertville, MI
Skotynsky, Michael - Perrysburg, OH
Skotynsky, Mitchel - Perrysburg, OH
Slaske, Anthony - Perrysburg, OH
Slaske, Dominic - Perrysburg, OH
Smith, Bradley - Perrysburg, OH
Smith, Gemma - Perrysburg, OH
Smith, Sabrina - Bowling Green, OH
Snider, Kaitlin - Uniopolis, OH
Spidel, Jordan - Perrysburg, OH
Stapleton, Julia - Perrysburg, OH
StJean, Richard - Perrysburg, OH
Szmania, Kailyn - Monclova, OH
Szmania, Taylor - Monclova, OH

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Tamlyn, Noah - Perrysburg, OH
Tarasov, Ivan - Bowling Green, OH
Teatsorth, Reid - Findlay, OH
Teofilovic, Andrea - Ann Arbor, MI
Toffler, Andrew - Perrysburg, OH
Torres, Ana - Carrollton, OH

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Weber, Abby - Maumee, OH
Weider, Ben - Perrysburg, OH
Wellons, Kiersten - Wapakoneta, OH
White, Alex - Perrysburg, OH
White, Jacob - Sylvania, OH
Williams, Aidan - Perrysburg, OH
Williams, Jeffrey - Cleveland Heights, OH
Woodman, Alexis - Monclova, OH

108 Total Players

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