2013 Member-Guest Mixed Doubles Tourney
   The Competitor List   

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Abbott, Lisa - Reno, NV
Abraham, Darryl

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Bernardt, Sondra
Berry, Jeanette - Reno, NV
Bigelow, Brian - Sun Valley, NV
Bjorkman, Rosemary - Reno, NV
Boyd, John
Boyd, Lisa
Brunelli, Angela
Burgess, Penne

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Cole, Peggy - Sparks, NV

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Davis, Collin - Reno, NV, USA
Day, Susan
DeBoi, Gary
Deitch, Laura
Diehl, Denis - Reno, NV

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Eftimoff, Lou

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Gardner, Katie
Gardner, Randy - Reno, NV
Gilbert, Greg - Reno, NV
Gill, Steve
Gillespie, Scott

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Hauserman, Lisa
Hilliard, Dianne - Reno, NV
Horgan, Bryan
Horgan, Christy
Hunter, Marietta

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Lestelle, Patricia - Reno, NV
Lockwood, Eleanor
Ludwick, Mary Jane

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McCann, Bob
Messenger, Cheryl
Morales, Bob

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Paris, Anita
Presson, Karen - Sparks, NV

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Richter, Kurt
Rose, Gary
Ruch, Lee
Ruch, Susan
Russ, Christine

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Santana-Guzman, Ruben
Scott, Chris
Skinner, Rob
Skoff, Mark - Reno, NV
Strawn, Kevin

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Taylor, Tony
Thornton, Ryan - Reno, NV
Totten, Russell
Tretton, Holly

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Vicini, Ana

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Watson, Darcie - Reno, NV
Williams, James
Wright, Dave

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Zansler, Dennis

54 Total Players

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