West Indy Presidential Open
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Andres, Will - New Albany, IN
Ashebir, Leah - Avon, IN

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Bhargava, Shivam - Westfield, IN
Blakley, Brett - Franklin, IN
Boardman, Alexander - Bellbrook, OH
Boesing, Nicholas - New Albany, IN
Bouggy, Matt - W Lafayette, IN
Bowman, Dezmin - Indianapolis, IN
Brentlinger, Amy - Carmel, IN
Bullock, Leah - Brownsburg, IN
Buntin, Connor - Jeffersonville, IN

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Cai, Sarah - West Lafayette, IN
Caskey, Sam - Avon, IN
Clemens, Michael - Brownsburg, IN
Coakes, Cameron - West Lafayette, IN
Coghlan, Megan - Bloomington, IN
Coghlan, Sarah - Bloomington, IN
Combs, Caroline - Indianapolis, IN
Connelly, Megan - Dayton, OH
Copeland, Jacob - Lebanon, IN
Cowser, Derian - Zionsville, IN

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Day, Ryan - Sellersburg, IN
Dellon, Michael - Bellbrook, OH
Dooley, Meagan - Hardinsburg, IN

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Estradasanchez, Carlos - Dayton, OH

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Fitzpatrick, Meghann - Mooresville, IN
Fitzpatrick, Molly - Mooresville, IN
Fitzpatrick, Morgan - Mooresville, IN
Fletchall, Molly - Carmel, IN
Fletchall, Patrick - Carmel, IN
Frank, Dana - Floyds Knobs, IN

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Gaston, Ruth - Indianapolis, IN
Gerhardt, Jenna - Noblesville, IN
Gerstein, Ari - Carmel, IN
Gomez, Charles - Indianapolis, IN
Gray, Jacob - Greenwood, IN
Greenwalt, Kitty - Carmel, IN

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Hankinson, Holbrook - Indianapolis, IN
Harris, Aidan - Indianapolis, IN
Hasson, Ashlee - Columbus, IN
Heinz, Rachel - Waynesville, OH
Henderson, Madeline - Mequon, WI
Himes, Allison - Indianapolis, IN
Hirsch, Marcus - Indianapolis, IN
Houser, Alex - Fort Wayne, IN

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Jung, Alex - Bloomington, IN

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Katz, Jaren - Carmel, IN
Keller, Lucy - Indianapolis, IN
Kenney, Michael - Carmel, IN
Koya, Azad - Carmel, IN
Kronenberger, David - Fishers, IN
Kroot, Jonathan - Indianapolis, IN

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Laker, Addison - Indianapolis, IN
Landrum, Kyle - New Albany, IN
Lingle, Kyle - Avon, IN
Lingle, Ryan - Avon, IN
Love, Emma - Carmel, IN
Luo, Kevin - Columbus, IN

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Mahenthiran, Ashorne - Fishers, IN
Malone, Eric - West Lafayette, IN
Manas, Apurva - Carmel, IN
Metzger, Cameron - Westfield, IN
Metzger, Wyatt - Westfield, IN

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Nagaraj, Rohit - Carmel, IN
Neathery, Grace - Greenwood, IN
Norman, Kendal - Spencer, IN

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Ostrow, Amy - Beavercreek, OH
Ozlowski, Alissa - Carmel, IN

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Perkins, Nanea - Lebanon, IN
Peters, Linnea - Carmel, IN
Poore, Kacy - Bloomington, IN
Potter, Anna - Terre Haute, IN
Potter, Caroline - Terre Haute, IN

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Reddy, Nikhil - Dayton, OH
Refugio, Dominick - Terre Haute, IN
Reger, Samuel - Dayton, OH
Roberts, Noah - Franklin, IN
Rogers, Mac - Bloomington, IN

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Schoolcraft, Cameron - Greenwood, IN
Schoolcraft, Isabella - Greenwood, IN
Scott, Collin - Needham, IN
Seals, Douglas - Indianapolis, IN
Shah, Neil - Carmel, IN
Shammas, Samir - Edinburgh, IN
Shuder, Adam - Indianapolis, IN
Snyder, Aaron - Indianapolis, IN
Spafford, Nicole - Mc Cordsville, IN
Steckler, Philip - Indianapolis, IN
Stoffel, Maxamis - Carmel, IN
Stuteville, Megan - Lebanon, IN
Sundaram, Ashwin - Carmel, IN

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Thyagarajan, Anish - Greenwood, IN

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Vohra, Elaina - Carmel, IN
Vuurman, Ausitn - Plainfield, IN

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Walsh, Alexander - Greenwood, IN
Wood, Emma - Seymour, IN
Woodard, Justin - Lebanon, IN
Wright, Nick - Lebanon, IN

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Yang, Sherry - Carmel, IN
Yates, Megan - Dayton, OH

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Zolcak, Evan - Avon, IN
Zumbrun, Nathan - Indianapolis, IN

102 Total Players

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