NAC February Open
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Ahmed, Hannah - Niles, MI
Ahmed, Shania - Niles, MI
Aldrich, Wynne - Valparaiso, IN
Austin, Jordan - Monticello, IN

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Balac, Aleksandar - Munster, IN
Bonin, Bryce - Crown Point, IN
Boyd, Megan - LA Porte, IN
Boyd, Nicholas - LA Porte, IN
Brown, Jake - Crown Point, IN
Burton, Ryan - Valparaiso, IN

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Carter, Elijah - Oak Park, IL
Colantone, Dj - Joliet, IL
Collins, Zebadiah - Chicago, IL

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Desmond, Robert - Winnetka, IL

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Elliott, Pierce - Somerville, OH

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Fernandez, RamonAnthony - Granger, IN

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Gardner, Caitlin - Fishers, IN
Gierek, Steve - Shipshewana, IN

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Holly, Isaac - Fort Wayne, IN
Holly, Patrick - Fort Wayne, IN

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Ising, Joey - Crown Point, IN

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Klumpe, Noah - Valparaiso, IN
Kohn, Sydney - La Porte, IN
Kopecky, Jacob - Downers Grove, IL
Kopecky, Jonah - Downers Grove, IL

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Lawson, Benjamin - Valparaiso, IN
Lora-Arceo, Ellis - Chicago, IL

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Mason, Bradley - Fort Wayne, IN
Maxwell, Timara - Homewood, IL
McGuckin, Katarina - Long Beach, IN
McGuckin, Natalie - Long Beach, IN
McGuckin, Sean - Long Beach, IN
McGuire, Kody - Portage, IN
Mellinger, Casey - New Carlisle, IN
Mellinger, Regan - New Carlisle, IN
Mitchell, Ryan - Frankfort, IL
Modesto, Meg - Portage, IN
Moldenhauer, Carter - Trail Creek, IN
Moldenhauer, Hunter - Trail Creek, IN

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Noerenberg, Lance - Crown Point, IN

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Pascual, KristenMae - Granger, IN
Pascual, Nicole Marie - Granger, IN
Pavlovski, Boris - Crown Point, IN
Pedzinski, Dayna - LA Porte, IN
Priede, Daisy - Sawyer, MI

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Rogers, Mariana - Munster, IN
Ruzga, Thomas - Schererville, IN

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Sanders, Paige - Fair Oaks, IN
Sanderson, Luke - Wheatfield, IN
Schmidt, Abigail - New Buffalo, MI
Schmidt, Jacob - New Buffalo, MI
Silvas, Emily - Michigan City, IN
Silvas, Kaitlyn - Michigan City, IN
Stromer, Devon - LA Porte, IN

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Varda, Allison - LA Porte, IN
Varda, Michael - La Porte, IN

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Westbrook, Allison - Michigan City, IN
Williams, Peter - Valparaiso, IN

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Zehner, Donald - Logansport, IN

59 Total Players

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