L2O Sportime Lake Isle Feb. Open
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Alami, Cade - Bedford, NY

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Brand, Julia - Purchase, NY

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Chistyakov, Alexander - Spring Valley, NY
Cohen, Andrew - Scarsdale, NY
Cruz, James - New Rochelle, NY

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Dietz, Adam - Hastings ON Hudson, NY
Dzialga, Katie - Southampton, NY

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Eisenberg, Emma - New York, NY
Eisenberg, Noah - New York, NY

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Frijs'Ejurhuus, Mathias - Scarsdale, NY

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Givone, Ava - Purchase, NY
Golub, Kevin - New York, NY
Goodman, William - Riverside, CT
Grantcharov, Emil - New Rochelle, NY

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Hennessy, Jimmy - Bronxville, NY

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Indriolo, Mark - Pleasantville, NY

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Johansson, Markus - Scarsdale, NY

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Krall, Liam - Bronxville, NY

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Leach, Daniel - Cornwall On Hudson, NY
Lennon, Isaac - New York, NY
Lin, Iris - Scarsdale, NY
Londa, Aidan - Scarsdale, NY

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Master, Alexandra - Mamaroneck, NY
McFadden, Battle - Bronxville, NY
Morello, Isabella - Thornwood, NY
Musoff, William - Scarsdale, NY

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Nelson, Joshua - Cortlandt Manor, NY
Nordahl, Charles - Bronxville, NY

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Perrotta, Massimo - Scarsdale, NY

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Rodilosso, Stephanie - Rye, NY
Rosen, Aidan - Purchase, NY

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Sacco, Anthony - New Rochelle, NY
Singer, Jake - Scarsdale, NY
Sparhawk, Melanie - Old Tappan, NJ

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Tsai, Emilyanne - Scarsdale, NY
Tuck, Spencer - Brooklyn, NY
Turkewitz, Ethan - New York, NY

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Vennam, Krish - Scarsdale, NY

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Weis, Claire - Chappaqua, NY
Weisberg, Morgan - Pound Ridge, NY
Wolfe, Devon - Bedford, NY

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Zagorsky, Ariella - Scarsdale, NY

42 Total Players

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