ITA BG18 Sweetheart Circuit
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Adamczyk, Daniela - Colorado Springs, CO
Adducci, Joseph - Colorado Springs, CO
Anderson, Jay T - Salt Lake City, UT

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Bowen, Meranda - Farmington, UT
Brandt, Alexa - Broomfield, CO
Buffington, Samuel - Fort Collins, CO

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Cassidy, Kody - Centennial, CO
Castelino, Ignatius - Superior, CO
Cerkovnik, Shelby - Highlands Ranch, CO
Clauson, Jessee - Boulder, CO
Cohen, Samuel - Las Vegas, NV
Crum, Mary - Great Falls, MT

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Diaz, Joseph - Loveland, CO

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Edwards, Eva-Lou - Bayfield, CO

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Ferry, Jason - Lafayette, CO
Fielding, Billy - Colorado Springs, CO
Foley, Madeline - Salt Lake City, UT
Fryer, Zachary - Centennial, CO

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Grubbs, Rachel - Steamboat Springs, CO
Gupte, Rohan - Las Vegas, NV

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Hall, Kathryn - Greenwood Village, CO
Hawkes, Grant - Bountiful, UT
Hill, Howie - Colorado Springs, CO

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Kalhorn, Nicole - Colorado Springs, CO
Karlsen, Solveig - Park City, UT
Kaufman, Jonathan - Centennial, CO
Kerr, Fletcher - Englewood, CO
King, Cassell - Henderson, NV
Kwiatkowski, Eric - Parker, CO

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Lorenz, Luke - Colorado Springs, CO

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Middleton, Alex - Columbine Valley, CO
Minnick, Jordan - Las Vegas, NV
Mitchell, David - Castle Rock, CO
Monaghan, Meagan - Denver, CO
Moore, Stephen - Colorado Springs, CO
Motley, Kaitlyn - Fort Collins, CO
Murnin, Emily - Salt Lake City, UT

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Nguyen, Justin - Superior, CO

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Olivo, Christine - Bozeman, MT

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Perkins, Jennifer - Homedale, ID
Porter, Madison - Parker, CO

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Rivera, Adam - Littleton, CO
Roder, Max - Steamboat Springs, CO
Rose, Kevin - Springville, UT
Ruder-Hook, Jesse - Denver, CO

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Sabatka, Hayden - Lonetree, CO
Sayre, Matt - Denver, CO
Schroeder, Tate - Centennial, CO
Senthilvel, Vignesh - Highlands Ranch, CO
Shanahan, John - Superior, CO
Smith, Bria - Denver, CO
Smith, Creel - Jackson, WY
Smith, Lorraine - Littleton, CO
Son, Gloria - Aurora, CO
Surmacz, Zachary - Las Vegas, NV
Sweet, Katie - Salt Lake Cty, UT

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Tanner, Emily - Sandy, UT
Tatlock, Hannah - North Las Vegas, NV
Tavares, Ozzie - Las Vegas, NV

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Wallin, Alexandra - Salt Lake City, UT
Wallin, Hannah - Salt Lake City, UT
Weil, Alexandra - Cherry Hills Village, CO
Wilkinson, Cydnee - Dammeron Valley, UT
Woodman, Kelli - Denver, CO

64 Total Players

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