USTA Midwest L1 Indoor Closed
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Adams, Christopher - Port Huron, MI

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Bailey, Sean - Wausau, WI
Bernstein, John - La Grange, IL
Biernat, Connor - Columbus, OH
Bonin, Bryce - Crown Point, IN

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Carroll, John - Hinsdale, IL
Cazier, Addison - Fishers, IN
Chen, Jeffrey - Northfield, IL
Clark, Colten - Lancaster, OH
Codogni, Christopher - Columbus, OH

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Dabek, Jack - Dublin, OH

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Edelchik, Jacob - Highland Park, IL

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Gandham, David - Ann Arbor, MI
Gota, Paul - Moreland Hills, OH
Greif, Lukas - Newburgh, IN

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Harris, Thomas - Country Club Hills, IL
Harvey, Matthew - Lake Forest, IL
Hollingsworth, Eric - Richmond, IN
Horve, Lucas - Forsyth, IL
Hutchins, Nicholas - Cincinnati, OH

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Ihrig, Morgan - Munster, IN

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Jacobson, Benji - Bloomfield Hills, MI
Johnson, Casey - Kohler, WI

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Kitayama, Denali - West Bloomfield, MI
Krill, Robert - Elm Grove, WI
Krill, Ty - Geneva, IL
Kuyama, Soh - Sandusky, OH

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Liou, Regis - Cincinnati, OH

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Marino, Nicholas - Northbrook, IL
Massart, John - Elm Grove, WI
Mateescu, Daniel - Westchester, IL
Matisse, Alex - Clarkston, MI
Mukherjee, Josh - Bloomfield Hills, MI

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Nefve, Axel - Hinsdale, IL
Nettles, Jibril - Detroit, MI
Nosek, Hunter - Loveland, OH

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Oslan, Blake - Winnetka, IL

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Palmer-Hawkins, Colin - Rochester, MI
Polender, Connor - Lake Bluff, IL
Pregel, Andrew - Cincinnati, OH

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Randall, Jack - Lockport, IL
Rogers, Mac - Bloomington, IN
Rotnov, Vlad - Solon, OH

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Saluja, Anand - Brookfield, WI
Sane, Kailas - Elm Grove, WI
Shanker, Varun - Midland, MI
Smith, Grant - Dayton, OH
Stavsky, Jacob - Cincinnati, OH

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Teffner, Zachary - Cortland, OH
Thai, Mitchell - Galloway, OH
Thai, Vinh - Galloway, OH

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Wendel, Grant - Cincinnati, OH
Wild, Maximilian - Carmel, IN
Williams, Nicholas - Cincinnati, OH
Wolf, Jj - Cincinnati, OH
Wu, Mark - Northbrook, IL

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Yakubov, Evan - Columbus, OH
Yi, Ian - Ann Arbor, MI
Yoshino, Bryan - Dublin, OH
Yu, Kevin - Mason, OH

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Zelezny, Jack - Upper Arlington, OH
Zhang, William - Naperville, IL
Zhuravel, Jonathan - Westerville, OH
Zordani, William - Lake Forest, IL

64 Total Players

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