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Abdo, Ellis - Jackson, MS
Adams, Annabeth - Ocean Springs, MS
Adams, Sarabrooks - Jackson, MS
Aldridge, Ethan - Brandon, MS
Anderson, Kyle - Ocean Springs, MS

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Bashir, Faatimah - Jackson, MS
Blissard, Ezra - Houston, MS
Bowen, Ally - Oxford, MS
Bowen, Brett - Oxford, MS
Bowen, Calie - Carrollton, MS
Brister, Jackson - Brandon, MS
Broom, Rachel - Ocean Springs, MS

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Carter, Emily - Tupelo, MS
Causey, Kendall - Jackson, MS
Causey, Michael - Jackson, MS
Chang, Austin - Madison, MS
Chawla, Sunjay - Greenwood, MS
Conerly, Maddie - Flowood, MS

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Davis, Jazmine - Jackson, MS
Ditto, Andrew - Jackson, MS

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Edmonson, Sanders - Ocean Springs, MS
Ellis, Dailee - Madison, MS
Ellis, Walker - Madison, MS
Emmerich, Lawrence - Jackson, MS

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Finch, Juliette - Ridgeland, MS
Flippo, Luke - Amory, MS
Flowers, Lily - Madison, MS
Freeman, Inaya - Brandon, MS
Fudge, Conner - Madison, MS

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Galvin, Tory - Diamondhead, MS
Garraway, John - Bolton, MS
Gutierrez, Chad - Gulfport, MS

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Harrington, Walt - Houston, MS
Hegwood, Jenna - Petal, MS
Hildenbrand, Adrienne - Tupelo, MS
Hildenbrand, Andrew - Tupelo, MS
Hixon, Garner - Jackson, MS
Hixon, Gatlin - Jackson, MS
Holmes, Keith - Greenwood, MS
Hughes, Madeline - Madison, MS
Humphreys, Megan - Madison, MS

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Ishee, Braden - Madison, MS

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Johnson, Gray - Madison, MS
Johnson, Isaac - Ridgeland, MS

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Kesterson, Emma - Ocean Springs, MS
Kesterson, William - Ocean Springs, MS
Kilduff, Amanda - Ocean Springs, MS

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Laseter, Emory - Flowood, MS
Laseter, Matthew - Flowood, MS
Laseter, Walker - Flowood, MS
Leathers, Hank - Tupelo, MS
Leathers, Will - Tupelo, MS
Lightsey, Graham - Petal, MS
Liles, Emme - Madison, MS
Liu, Catherine - Madison, MS
Lomax, Lexi - Jackson, MS
Love, Mikhail - Jackson, MS

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Majure, Coyt - Meridian, MS
Malouf, Chambers - Jackson, MS
Martin, Zach - Brandon, MS
Mauney, Max - Oxford, MS
McDaniel, Brady - Greenwood, MS
McDonough, Cullen - Raymond, MS
McLemore, Harris - Jackson, MS
McLemore, James - Jackson, MS
Moore, Lampton - Jackson, MS
Moore, Olivia - Jackson, MS
Morgan, Gage - Ridgeland, MS

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Nabors, Jessie - Belden, MS
Nail, Parker - New Albany, MS
Nash, Olivia - Ocean Springs, MS

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Ostrander, Mitchell - Belden, MS
Ostrander, Sydney - Belden, MS

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Parker, Peyton - Madison, MS
Paulding, Austin - Columbus, MS
Peeler, Ben - Oxford, MS
Peeler, Samuel - Oxford, MS
Pendleton, Daniel - Madison, MS
Poole, Alec - Brandon, MS
Presnall, Zackery - Meridian, MS

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Qu, Helena - Ridgeland, MS
Qu, Stanley - Ridgeland, MS

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Randall, Trey - Madison, MS
Reid, Katie - Petal, MS
Rizk, Philip - Gulfport, MS
Robbins, Mark - New Albany, MS
Roberts, Elena - Ridgeland, MS
Roberts, Emma - Ridgeland, MS
Roberts, Victoria - Ridgeland, MS
Rooks, Haley - Jackson, MS
Rooks, Zoe - Jackson, MS
Roth, Patrick - Pascagoula, MS
Roth, Ryan - Pascagoula, MS
Rowell, Noah - Wiggins, MS

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Santucci, Tres - Greenville, MS
Santucci, Tyler - Greenville, MS
Scott, Warren - Jackson, MS
Seago, D. - Madison, MS
Seago, Stephen - Madison, MS
Seago, Timothy - Madison, MS
Seward, Addy - Richland, MS
Shinall, Callan - Oxford, MS
Spivey, Barnabas - Jackson, MS
St Amant, Sadey - Ocean Springs, MS
St. Amant, Adam - Ocean Springs, MS
St. Amant, Sidney - Ocean Springs, MS
Storey, Graham - Madison, MS
Storey, Ian - Madison, MS
Storey, Robin - Madison, MS
Stringer, Olivia - Jackson, MS
Swanier, Ryan - Jackson, MS
Swindoll, William - Oxford, MS

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Thompson, Robert - Tupelo, MS
Tribble, Jack - Jackson, MS

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Vanhorn, Laura - Winona, MS
VanHorn, Rachel - Winona, MS
Vaughn, Abbie - Pheba, MS
Vice, Mason - Ocean Springs, MS
Vice, Victoria - Ocean Springs, MS
Viljoen, Sylvia - Jackson, MS

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Waycaster, Hayes - Ridgeland, MS
Weatherly, Kate - Ocean Springs, MS
Weatherly, Meg - Ocean Springs, MS
Weed, Avery - Meridian, MS
Whitehead, Penn - Jackson, MS
Whitehead, Yeager - Jackson, MS
Wilkerson, George - Vicksburg, MS
Wilkinson, Brittany - Ridgeland, MS
Williams, Sarah - Pascagoula, MS
Williams, Wesley - Pascagoula, MS
Willson, Turner - Ridgeland, MS

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Zachry, Shelby - Madison, MS

132 Total Players

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