Foxcreek Family TC Spring Jr. Open
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Adsit, Scott - Aurora, OH

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Basu, Ari - Hudson, OH
Benjamin, Taylor - North Olmsted, OH
Borsch, Max - Moreland Hills, OH

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Craven, Cal - Westlake, OH
Crosby, Monique - Beachwood, OH

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Dagley, William - Hudson, OH

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Elrod, John - Oberlin, OH

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Gill, Karan - Beachwood, OH
Goldberg, Eric - Solon, OH

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Habecker, Cory - Lorain, OH
Hansen, Chaz - Vermilion, OH
Hata, Ellen - Shaker Heights, OH
Hilkert, Bennett - Solon, OH
Hill, Teressa - Canton, OH

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Johnson, Nick - Mc Dermott, OH

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Keron, Natalie - Amherst, OH

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Lupu, Matthew - North Olmsted, OH
Lynch, Matthew - Eighty Four, PA

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Mayer, Caleb - Oberlin, OH
McNally, John - Avon, OH
Medina, Jayla - Berlin Heights, OH
Mentler, Halle - Avon, OH
Mueller, Joshua - Ontario, OH

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Nakamoto, Alissa - Beachwood, OH

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Price, Connor - Vermilion, OH

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Quinones, Isabel - Rocky River, OH

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Randar, Sarah - Westlake, OH
Rice, Austin - Avon Lake, OH
Rini, Madisyn - Avon, OH
Robertson, Sarah - Rocky River, OH
Rutkus, Tommy - Leavittsburg, OH

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Salvagni, Alec - Amherst, OH
Smarty, Chukwudumebi - Broadview Heights, OH
Smarty, Onyedikachukwu - Broadview Heights, OH
Souders, Sarah - Amherst, OH
Spencer, Mark - North Canton, OH
Spencer, Shane - Vermilion, OH
Sroka, Zach - Amherst, OH
Stark, Sarah - Olmsted Falls, OH
Stoll, Sara - Norwalk, OH
Szabo, Michael - Midland, MI
Szucs, Macy - Amherst, OH

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Tomko, Brianna - Avon Lake, OH
Turung, Alec - Avon Lake, OH

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Wilcox, Caden - Portsmouth, OH
Wilhelm, Hope - Avon Lake, OH
Wilhelm, Oliver - Avon Lake, OH
Williams, Jeffrey - Cleveland Heights, OH

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Zayneh, Michael - Portsmouth, OH

50 Total Players

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