USTA Midwest B18 March Des. Series
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Allen, Nicholas - Green Bay, WI
Argall, Andrew - Fitchburg, WI
Armbrust, Clayton - Brookfield, WI
Arocho, Anthony - Norridge, IL

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Bacalla, Dave - Skokie, IL
Ballecer, Kevin - Milwaukee, WI

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Carney, Jack - Joliet, IL
Christian, Scott - Lake Forest, IL
Collison, Jack - River Hills, WI
Conley, Chance - Portland, MI
Coran, Danny - Mequon, WI
Corwin, Felix - Elm Grove, WI
Corwin, Tim - Elm Grove, WI
Covalschi, Edward - Shelby Township, MI

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Downs, Patrick - Fort Wayne, IN
Dube, Michael - Livonia, MI
Dykema, Jack - De Pere, WI
Dykema, Nick - De Pere, WI

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Fliegner, Maximilian - Clarkston, MI
Francken, Doug - Elm Grove, WI

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Goralka, Nicholas - Chicago, IL

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Hagermoser, Alex - Hinsdale, IL
Harvey, Colin - Lake Forest, IL
Helm, Matthew - Bloomington, IN
Holland, Daniel - Hinsdale, IL
Horneffer, David - Brookfield, WI

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Ihrig, Mark - Munster, IN

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Kasbeer, Jack - Deerfield, IL
Kim, Alexander - Milford, MI
Kim, Joshua - Northbrook, IL
Koehrsen, William - East Peoria, IL
Koenen, Jasper - Saint Charles, IL
Krcek, Kristian - Downers Grove, IL

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Larkin, John - Cincinnati, OH
Lora-Arceo, Ellis - Chicago, IL
Lynch, Matthew - Grafton, WI

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Marbach, Eric - Naperville, IL
Massinople, Ryan - Charleston, WV
McCoy, Matthew - Bloomington, IN
Metzler, Branden - Rockford, IL
Moyer, Daniel - Kalamazoo, MI

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Navratil, Zane - Racine, WI
Niquet, Damon - Nashotah, WI
Noall, Weston - Solon, OH
Norasith, Andre - Elgin, IL
Norderhaug, Bjorn - Brookfield, WI

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O'Kelly, Connor - Lake Forest, IL

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Page, Andy - Wheaton, IL
Polender, Brice - Lake Bluff, IL

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Rankin, Jacob - Webster, IN
Rayl, Daniel - Carmel, IN
Rodefeld, Daniel - Carmel, IN
Ross, Alex - Burr Ridge, IL

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Sandberg, Aaron - Hudson, OH
Scheffers, Kyle - Flossmoor, IL
Schubert, Thomas - Hartland, WI
Sinense, David - Elm Grove, WI
Small, Johnathan - Midland, MI
Steiner, Matthew - Fort Wayne, IN

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Tarwid, Peter - Lake Forest, IL

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Vishnubhotla, Radhakrishna - Carmel, IN

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Yadav, Dhruv - Chagrin Falls, OH

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Zheng, Max - Champaign, IL
Zordani, John - Lake Forest, IL

64 Total Players

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