The Courts March Madness
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Abraham, Maximilian - Valparaiso, IN
Aldrich, Wynne - Valparaiso, IN
Alvarez, Alvaro - Munster, IN
Anderson, Vincent - Chicago, IL

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Balac, Aleksandar - Munster, IN
Boyd, Megan - LA Porte, IN
Bralick, Aliya - Granger, IN
Brown, Jake - Crown Point, IN
Burton, Ryan - Valparaiso, IN
Butler, Brendan - Granger, IN

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Carroll, Osiris - Chicago, IL
Cender, Eric - Valparaiso, IN
Cooper, Grace - Valparaiso, IN
Crookston, Rachel - Valparaiso, IN
Crookston, Robert - Valparaiso, IN

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Davidson, Sophia - Granger, IN
Deaton, Blake - Indianapolis, IN
Deaton, Chris - Indianapolis, IN
Detmer, Arlo - Munster, IN
Doell, Hannah - Valparaiso, IN

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Fernandez, Kyle - Granger, IN
Flannery, Colin - Valparaiso, IN
Flude, Anna - Valparaiso, IN
Fouts, Christopher - Valparaiso, IN

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Gardner, Caitlin - Fishers, IN
Gilliana, Ava - Valparaiso, IN
Gilliana, Ema - Valparaiso, IN

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Heise, Grace - Mishawaka, IN
Heuer, Paige - Munster, IN
Howdeshell, Dean - Bourbon, IN

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Jones, Oni - Chicago, IL

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Kammerer, Madisen - Valparaiso, IN
Karageorge, Kaleigh - Hobart, IN
Kendall, Anthony - Crown Point, IN
Klumpe, Noah - Valparaiso, IN
Kozik, Ashley - Valparaiso, IN
Krause, Thomas - West Lafayette, IN

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Lafakis, James - Schererville, IN

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Mamelson, John - Saint John, IN
Mario, John - Valparaiso, IN
Martin, Madison - Valparaiso, IN
Maxwell, Timara - Homewood, IL
McGuire, Kody - Portage, IN
Mellinger, Casey - Niles, MI
Mellinger, Regan - Niles, MI
Mergl, Haley - Hobart, IN
Miller, David - Valparaiso, IN
Modesto, Meg - Portage, IN
Moffett, Trey - Porter, IN
Moldenhauer, Carter - Trail Creek, IN
Moldenhauer, Hunter - Trail Creek, IN

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Nguyen, Hope - Naperville, IL
Noerenberg, Lance - Crown Point, IN

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O'Shaughnessy, Marty - Munster, IN
Orlich, Alexis - Valparaiso, IN
Owczarzak, Chase - Saint John, IN

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Pascual, KristenMae - Granger, IN
Pascual, Nicole Marie - Granger, IN
Pekarek, Cecilia - Niles, MI
Pochop, Marty - Valparaiso, IN
Priede, Daisy - Sawyer, MI

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Roganovich, Donald - Valparaiso, IN
Rogers, Mariana - Munster, IN
Rubin, Bryn - Long Grove, IL
Ruzga, Thomas - Schererville, IN

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Sajda, Emily - Portage, IN
Schmidt, Abigail - New Buffalo, MI
Schmidt, Jacob - New Buffalo, MI
Silvas, Emily - Michigan City, IN
Silvas, Kaitlyn - Michigan City, IN
Stepan, Darinka - Chicago, IL
Stout, Justin - Warsaw, IN
Stromer, Devon - LA Porte, IN
Sullivan, Ryan - Winnetka, IL

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Thomas, Erin - Valparaiso, IN

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Vessels, Kelsey - Roanoke, IN

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Wages, Tyrin - Chicago, IL
Wappel, Derek - Valparaiso, IN
Wells, Trivon - Chicago, IL
Whelan, Chad - Chesterton, IN
Williams, Peter - Valparaiso, IN

81 Total Players

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