Bay Area Racquet Club April Open
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Albright, Andrew - Friendswood, TX
Albright, Evan - Friendswood, TX
Ali, Maha - Bellaire, TX
Arias, Juliana - Tomball, TX
Ashley, Colin - Alvin, TX
Azad, Aava - Webster, TX

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Bailey, Rachel - League City, TX
Baldwin, Brandt - Fair Oaks Ranch, TX
Barnes, Kaleb - Texas City, TX
Barron, Natalia - Richmond, TX
Barron, Nicole - Richmond, TX
Barton, Ashley - The Woodlands, TX
Beecher, Alexis - Houston, TX
Belknap, Michael - League City, TX
Bell, Russell - Houston, TX
Berman, Katherine - Houston, TX
Blanchard, Cody - Pearland, TX
Boeker, Caitlin - Houston, TX
Boeker, Rachel - Houston, TX
Borovik, Anton - Houston, TX
Boyett, Colin - Austin, TX
Braeden, Rylee - Houston, TX
Brown, Stephen - Bellaire, TX

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Caldwell, Jackson - Seabrook, TX
Castellanos Garcia, Julio - The Woodlands, TX
Castellanos Garcia, Natalia - The Woodlands, TX
Castellanos Garcia, Stephanie - The Woodlands, TX
Cerda, Paula - Spring, TX
Cheng, Claire - Houston, TX
Clancy, Christina - Houston, TX
Clark, Austin - Houston, TX
Collier, Brian - Kempner, TX
Couch, Kendall - Sugar Land, TX
Crim, Cameron - Kingwood, TX
Cunningham, Rachel - Seabrook, TX

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Dadd, Christian - League City, TX
Desbrow, Jordan - Friendswood, TX
Desbrow, Ryan - Friendswood, TX
Dimitrijevic, Mila - Montgomery, TX
Don-Arthur, Autumn - Pearland, TX
Dryer, Joseph - Richmond, TX
Dryer, Sam - Richmond, TX

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Estrada, David - Houston, TX

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Farkas, Alon - Houston, TX
Fernandez, Alonso - Mission, TX
Flores, Megan - Houston, TX
Foreman, Zak - Houston, TX
French, Wendy - Cypress, TX

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Gerbich, Joshua - Webster, TX
Gonzalez, Debra - Spring, TX
Gonzalez, MariaJose - Spring, TX
Gonzalez, Natalie - San Antonio, TX
Gonzalez, Nicholas - San Antonio, TX
Green, Essence - Houston, TX
Green, Mahogani - Houston, TX
Guse, Emily - Naperville, IL

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Haggblom, Laura - The Woodlands, TX
Harrington, Cade - Galveston, TX
He, Andy - Houston, TX
Henkelman, Brad - Montgomery, TX
Hunter, Elizabeth - Cypress, TX

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Isquierdo, Adrian - Angleton, TX

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Jackson, Jordan - Stockdale, TX
Jimenez, Matthew - Humble, TX
Jordan, Shelby - Houston, TX
Judge, Griffin - Houston, TX
Juneja, Sanjit - Sugar Land, TX
Juneja, Shivanki - Sugar Land, TX

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Karnam, Sneha - Sugar Land, TX
Kemp, Zion - Houston, TX
Khansari, Neik - Houston, TX
Khansari, Rod - Houston, TX
Khoje, Anuj - Katy, TX
Khoje, Mitali - Katy, TX
Kiefer, Alexander - The Woodlands, TX
Kiefer, Nicole - The Woodlands, TX
Kommireddy, Anusha - Sugar Land, TX
Kommireddy, Sriharsha - Sugar Land, TX
Kopp, Anderson - Houston, TX
Kopp, Maddox - Houston, TX
Krell, Kendall - Cypress, TX

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Landreville, Karlee - Spring, TX
Larroza, Patrick - Pearland, TX
Le, Allison - Houston, TX
Le, Andrea - Houston, TX
Ling, Jinjie - Houston, TX
Long, Cameron - Houston, TX
Lopez, Favi - Pasadena, TX
Luketich, Alexander - Nederland, TX

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Mabee, Neil - Houston, TX
Martakov, Max - The Woodlands, TX
Martin, Brian - League City, TX
Martin, Margaret - Houston, TX
Martinez, Manuel - Dickinson, TX
McAdams, William - Houston, TX
McIntyre, Jose - Seabrook, TX
McWilliams, Courtney - Cypress, TX
Miller, Dahlia - Pearland, TX
Miller, Kaylee - League City, TX
Mullick, Vikram - Sugar Land, TX
Muse, Zierrah - Humble, TX

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Nagpal, Aditya - Houston, TX
Nagpal, Arjun - Houston, TX
Norris, Malik - Beaumont, TX

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Ocon, Fernando - Houston, TX

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Pant, Nickhil - Houston, TX
Paulino, Carlos - Conroe, TX
Pearson, Max - Friendswood, TX
Peeris, Apeksha - Friendswood, TX
Peeris, Delaney - Friendswood, TX
Peeris, Nishika - Friendswood, TX
Pham, Kevin - Sugar Land, TX
Philips, Quashi - Houston, TX

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Qian, Bryan - Houston, TX

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Rajesh, Gayathri - Katy, TX
Ramaswamy, Nila - Sugar Land, TX
Rassner, Cole - Houston, TX
Reinhart, Alexandra - Austin, TX
Reinhart, Ryan - Austin, TX
Reistle, Paige - Houston, TX
Reynolds, Jenny - Houston, TX
Rodriguez, Felipe - Spring, TX
Romero, Adrian - Pasadena, TX

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Sanchez, Abigail - Houston, TX
Sankaran, Siddarth - Houston, TX
Saran, Arjun - Bellaire, TX
Saran, Vivek - Bellaire, TX
Schsuter, William - Houston, TX
Schwartz, Allison - Texas City, TX
Shan, Tamara - Houston, TX
Shelyukh, Kristina - Pearland, TX
Shin, Janice - Houston, TX
Shotwell, Drew - Alvin, TX
Sierra, Melissa - Pearland, TX
Sion, Jaime - Houston, TX
Skaggs, Grant - Houston, TX
Spivak, Brooke - Katy, TX
Spivak, Zachary - Katy, TX
Stehle, Regan - Houston, TX
Sunkureddi, Rohan - Friendswood, TX

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Tacorda, Toni Claire - League City, TX
Templin, Tory - Seabrook, TX
Thai, Calvin - League City, TX

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Vadlamani, Meghana - Spring, TX
Velasquez, Phoenix - Houston, TX
Vethan, Sebastian - Houston, TX
Vizcardo, Melissa - The Woodlands, TX

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Watson, Seth - Beaumont, TX
Way, Ashlyn - Houston, TX
Way, Lauren - Houston, TX
Weaver, Andrew - Richwood, TX
Weerasinghe, Savit - Houston, TX
Wen, Alex - Bellaire, TX
Wen, Edward - Bellaire, TX
Wen, Shufan - Houston, TX
Willis, Katelyn - Friendswood, TX
Wills, Abby - Harker Heights, TX
Wu, Neil - College Station, TX

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Yao, Manlin - Houston, TX
Yao, Simon - Houston, TX

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Zhang, Allen - Pearland, TX

161 Total Players

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