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Aguirre, Caleb - Cherry Hills Village, CO
Aguirre, Olivia - Cherry Hills Village, CO
Anthony, Samantha - Longmont, CO

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Bachmann, Lukas - Boulder, CO
Bheemireddy, Samhita - Highlands Ranch, CO
Bickham, Sam - Niwot, CO
Blanco, Graham - Boulder, CO
Blea, Ben - Littleton, CO
Boeke, Jacques - Jamestown, CO
Bopp, Cameron - Longmont, CO
Boucher, Jordan - Broomfield, CO
Burridge, Riley - Boulder, CO

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Castelino, Ignatius - Superior, CO
Castelino, Seraphin - Superior, CO
Chase, Kieran - Thornton, CO
Chitambar, Lilianna - Boulder, CO
Chrisbens, Beck - Boulder, CO
Clauson, Spencer - Boulder, CO
Conde, Michael - Superior, CO
Culpepper, Cruz - Lafayette, CO

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Desso, Olivia - Evergreen, CO
Dodge, Simon - Lafayette, CO
Drake, Rachel - Niwot, CO

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Ecton, Ky - Fort Collins, CO
Esson, Cutter - Boulder, CO

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Fell, Jacob - Longmont, CO
Ferry, Jason - Lafayette, CO
Finan, Brett - Broomfield, CO
Frank, Caroline - Longmont, CO
Fu, Allen - Longmont, CO

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Games, Leyden - Boulder, CO
Gidfar, Cyrus - Boulder, CO
Graber, Shelby - Parker, CO
Grimison, Kian - Boulder, CO
Gupta, Akhil - Severance, CO

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Hamner, Sarah - Fort Collins, CO
Hardy, Michael - Erie, CO
Harrington, Carter - Aurora, CO
Harris, Matthew - Grand Junction, CO
Hartline, Keller - Lafayette, CO
Hawk, Henry - Boulder, CO
Hawk, Jackson - Boulder, CO
Hayes, Connor - Longmont, CO
Hayes, Sawyer - Longmont, CO
Heinritz, Adin - Niwot, CO
Hester, Stefan - Niwot, CO
Hillis, Ethan - Centennial, CO
Holbrook, Carter - Boulder, CO
Hollines, Mariela - Cherry Hills Village, CO
Hunt, Joshua - Castle Rock, CO
Hurshman, Randy - Grand Junction, CO

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Ilic, Alexander - Aspen, CO

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James, Ryan - Denver, CO
Jamison, Nico - Greeley, CO
Johar, Jackson - Fort Collins, CO
Jones, Tanner - Colorado Springs, CO

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Kammerer, Caden - Longmont, CO
Kasic, James - Boulder, CO
Kattenhorn, Austin - Lafayette, CO
Kearney, Maeve - Englewood, CO
Keronen, Samuel - Longmont, CO
Kerr, Fletcher - Englewood, CO

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Lang, Spencer - Longmont, CO
Larson, Connor - Boulder, CO
Leddon, Alec - Boulder, CO
Lee, David - Glen Haven, CO
Lewis, Mason - Broomfield, CO
Logan, Carter - Denver, CO
Lohitnavy, Norawish - Fort Collins, CO
Lu, Lucy - Broomfield, CO

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Manwaring, Keaton - Broomfield, CO
Manwaring, Mitchell - Broomfield, CO
Martin, Everett - Boulder, CO
Martin, Jackson - Boulder, CO
Martin, Lucas - Fort Collins, CO
Mease, McCulloh - Littleton, CO
Melville, Tom - Boulder, CO
Moe, Aksel - Boulder, CO
Moe, Max - Boulder, CO
Moldenhauer, Jack - Denver, CO
Mulshine, Riley - Longmont, CO

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Neale, Ryan - Parker, CO
Nelsen, Brandon - Longmont, CO
Norwood, Erin - Englewood, CO

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Parsons, Blake - Denver, CO
Parsons, Drew - Denver, CO
Pater, Elsa - Longmont, CO
Pater, Will - Longmont, CO
Pearson, Sophie - Longmont, CO
Pentz, Carter - Niwot, CO
Pentz, Julia - Niwot, CO

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Reimers, Anna - Highlands Ranch, CO
Rivera, Adam - Littleton, CO
Rosencrans, David - Aurora, CO
Rosencrans, Michael - Aurora, CO

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Savage, Brooks - Boulder, CO
Savage, Ellie - Boulder, CO
Schacht, Ethan - Boulder, CO
Schell, Andrew - Denver, CO
Schoenbeck, Sara - Pueblo, CO
Smith, Cole - Boulder, CO
Smith, Kasper - Boulder, CO
Smith, Tatum - Boulder, CO
Snyder, Allison - Highlands Ranch, CO
Somasundaram, Trini - Superior, CO
Somasundaram, Trisha - Superior, CO
Stack, Wyatt - Boulder, CO
Steinberg, Bryan - Boulder, CO
Stringer, Jacob - Longmont, CO
Su, Zhan - Louisville, CO
Sutter, Garrett - Denver, CO

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Taylor, Austin - Boulder, CO
Travis, Lila - Boulder, CO

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Untermeyer, Emily - Cherry Hills Village, CO

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Weiner, Maxwell - Fort Collins, CO
Wilcox, Neil - Boulder, CO
Wright, Daniel - Superior, CO
Wright, Derek - Superior, CO

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Yee, Jack - Boulder, CO

119 Total Players

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