Force Mid Spring Grinder
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Ali, Dean - Westlake, OH
Ali, Deena - Westlake, OH
Atkins, Jordan - Cleveland Heights, OH

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Bandi, Monika - Solon, OH
Bhambra, Raman - Twinsburg, OH
Borsch, Max - Moreland Hills, OH
Brahmbhatt, Arjun - Westlake, OH
Buchinsky, David - Solon, OH
Buchinsky, Rachel - Solon, OH
Buetow, Erik - Bay Village, OH
Busnawi, Shaira - Avon, OH

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Cicero, Angela - Westlake, OH
Clark, Ethan - Hilliard, OH
Crosby, Monique - Beachwood, OH

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Daverio, Isabella - Richfield, OH
DeMicheli, Blanka - Willowick, OH
DiNicola, Sophia - Erie, PA
Drapac, Melissa - Rocky River, OH

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Elrod, John - Oberlin, OH

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Fair, Taylor - Carrollton, OH

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Gidlow, Olivia - Cleveland Heights, OH
Grant, Cameron - Shaker Heights, OH

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Hanford, Mackenzie - Chesterland, OH
Hanford, Rylie - Chesterland, OH
Hanford, Sydney - Chesterland, OH
Hickey, Lauren - Rocky River, OH
Hill-Gaston, Clara - Cleveland Heights, OH

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Jhaveri, Aris - Westlake, OH
Jhaveri, Demetria - Westlake, OH

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Kalish, Kendra - Rocky River, OH
Kanarsky, Nicholas - Solon, OH
Kazazic, Ella - Cleveland, OH
Kazazic, Melissa - Cleveland, OH
Keron, Natalie - Amherst, OH

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Lupu, Matthew - North Olmsted, OH

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Malone, Natalie - Medina, OH
Manimbo, Miranda - Bay Village, OH
Mawby, Isabelle - Hudson, OH
Milenius, Katie - Highland Heights, OH
Mixon, Riley - Cleveland Heights, OH

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Nakon, Madison - Avon, OH

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Paz, Noam - Beachwood, OH
Priemer, Campbell - Bay Village, OH
Priemer, Helen - Bay Village, OH

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Quinn, Jackson - Willoughby, OH
Quinones, Isabel - Rocky River, OH

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Randar, Sarah - Westlake, OH
Rini, Madisyn - Avon, OH
Rothchild, Blake - Beachwood, OH
Rothchild, Ty - Beachwood, OH

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Shulman, Stephanie - Gates Mills, OH
Smarty, Chukwudumebi - Broadview Heights, OH
Smarty, Onyedikachukwu - Broadview Heights, OH

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Thorne, Jack - Avon, OH
Tobin, Robert - Hudson, OH
Tomko, Brianna - Avon Lake, OH

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Yurchisin, Rachel - Cleveland, OH

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Zhu, Brian - Strongsville, OH
Zimcosky, Andrew - Painesville, OH

59 Total Players

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