South Suburban Jr. Challenger #1
   The Competitor List   

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Abdullaeva, Dilafzo - Aurora, CO
Allen, Madissen - Centennial, CO
Anderson, Jake - Englewood, CO
Armstrong, Kathryn - Greenwood Village, CO
Audino, Abby - Highlands Ranch, CO

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Batra, Arjun - Aurora, CO
Becker, Jake - Centennial, CO
Beckstrom, Ryan - Parker, CO
Berkey, Gavin - Centennial, CO
Bermingham, Brooks - Denver, CO
Blackmon, Avery - Centennial, CO
Bomgaars, David - Aurora, CO
Borchelt, Natalie - Centennial, CO
Brown, Colin - Centennial, CO
Bruetting, Veronika - Highlands Ranch, CO

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Connelly, Greg - Castle Rock, CO
Crews, Paige - Greeley, CO
Crum, Michael - Denver, CO
Curry, Jadin - Denver, CO

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Daddis, Macey - Castle Rock, CO
Du, Christopher - Highlands Ranch, CO
Dudek, Mari - Highlands Ranch, CO

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Eckenhausen, Emma - Denver, CO
Eidler, Ben - Centennial, CO
Eismeier, Sydney - Castle Rock, CO
Erdle, Jack - Lone Tree, CO
Erdle, Mitchell - Lone Tree, CO

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Fairbairn, Nick - Cherry Hills Village, CO
Ford, Tanner - Aurora, CO

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Graber, Shelby - Parker, CO
Green, Jared - Centennial, CO
Grimm, Spencer - Lone Tree, CO

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Heller, Peter - Littleton, CO
Hereford, Niko - Denver, CO
Hickey, Grace - Centennial, CO
Hunt, Madeleine - Denver, CO
Hunt, William - Denver, CO

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Jordaan, Anna - Cherry Hills Village, CO
Jotte, Alec - Greenwood Village, CO

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Kalkus, Kevin - Littleton, CO
Kaltenbacher, Keenan - Colorado Springs, CO
Kannan, Kaushik - Englewood, CO
Kannan, Kavya - Englewood, CO

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Lansford, Jack - Centennial, CO
Lumley, Garrett - Centennial, CO

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Mahoney, Connor - Highlands Ranch, CO
Martin, Lauren - Parker, CO
McCarthy, Sean - Centennial, CO
McDuff, Meghan - Lonetree, CO
Mcduff, Mikayla - Lonetree, CO
Monkarsh, Jacob - Littleton, CO
Monkarsh, Kendall - Littleton, CO
Moore, Jade - Littleton, CO
Moore-Thomson, Samantha - Denver, CO
Mu, Andrew - Lone Tree, CO
Muetterties, Sam - Centennial, CO

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Negin, Valerie - Centennial, CO
Nguyen, Sarah - Aurora, CO

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Pan, Isabel - Highlands Ranch, CO
Panis, Dylan - Centennial, CO
Parker, Sasha - Aurora, CO
Purvis, Willow - Denver, CO

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Reynolds, Fiona - Littleton, CO
Rich, Cassidy - Highlands Ranch, CO
Roberts, Jesse - Parker, CO
Rodgers-Masamori, Lily - Denver, CO

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Schmidt, Isabella - Centennial, CO
Schott, Connor - Highlands Ranch, CO
Schroeder, Lindsey - Parker, CO
Sehgal, Lauren - Centennial, CO
Stuart, Brennan - Monument, CO
Stuart, Jared - Monument, CO
Stuart, Wesley - Monument, CO

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VanDeVeer, Victoria - Colorado Springs, CO
Viorst, Bryce - Denver, CO

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Wachsmann, Kara - Parker, CO
Wagner, Jordan - Littleton, CO
Walker, Tom - Littleton, CO
Warden, Alan - Englewood, CO
Wilkins, Emily - Greenwood Village, CO
Wilklow, Delaney - Colorado Springs, CO
Williams, Josie - Centennial, CO
Wu, Andy - Boulder, CO

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Yoo, Justin - Centennial, CO

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Zahner, Chereen - Centennial, CO
Zhou, Amy - Highlands Ranch, CO

86 Total Players

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