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Abercrombie, Adam - Greenville, SC
Acevedo, Lucas - Daniel Island, SC
Alexander, Hannah - Chesnee, SC
Allen, Lauren - Greenville, SC
Allen, Sarah - Greenville, SC
Andress, Jacob - Spartanburg, SC

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Baly, William - Goose Creek, SC
Barber, McLeod - Aiken, SC
Belcher, Ladson - Greenville, SC
Bellamy, Britton - Myrtle Beach, SC
Bertling, Caroline - Greer, SC
Bittner, Brooke - Greer, SC
Blais, Zachary - MT Pleasant, SC
Bonar, Vlad - Fort Mill, SC
Bragg, Abigail - Inman, SC
Bragg, Ansleigh - Inman, SC
Breci, Luke - Greenville, SC
Brice, Walker - Greer, SC
Britt, Jordan - Piedmont, SC
Britt, Noah - Piedmont, SC
Brown, Blake - Greenville, SC
Bryan, Thomas - Lexington, SC

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Cahill, John - Conway, SC
Cahill, Nolan - Conway, SC
Cahill, Rivers - Conway, SC
Campbell, Eleanor - Simpsonville, SC
Carroll, James - Greenville, SC
Carver, Curran - Columbia, SC
Chi, Cathy - Greer, SC
Clement, Kayla Lynn - Greer, SC
Cobb, Addie - Greenville, SC
Coker, Sidney - Scrantion, SC
Coleman, Jack - Spartanburg, SC
Covington, Madison - Greenville, SC
Crowley, Richard - Greer, SC
Cuoco, Michaela - Mount Pleasant, SC

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Dacuba, Gabrielle - Mt Pleasant, SC
Dacuba, Lleyton - Mt Pleasant, SC
Dacuba, Zachary - Mt Pleasant, SC
Danzell, Will - Hilton Head Island, SC
Deshpande, Shaunak - Greer, SC
Desmond, Brittney - Columbia, SC
Dickson, Marykathryn - Chapin, SC
Dorsey, Brolin - Anderson, SC
Dorsey, Corbin - Anderson, SC

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Ellis, Hannah - Greenville, SC
Espinoza, Joseph - Lexington, SC

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Fite, Hallie - Greer, SC
Fuqua, Jacob - Sunset, SC

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Gibbons, Rebecca - Rock Hill, SC
Gillespie, Townshend - Greenville, SC
Gooding, Sam - Simpsonville, SC
Graham, James - Easley, SC
Greer, Anna - Chesnee, SC
Gretkowski, Allie - MT Pleasant, SC

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Hamer, Anna - Greenville, SC
Harrelson, Tatiana - Myrtle Beach, SC
Hegarty, Michaela - Bluffton, SC
Hendricks, Wallace - Greenville, SC
Hildebrandt, Morgan - Inman, SC
Hilton-Adams, Nadia - Simpsonville, SC
Hobson, Roy - Lexington, SC
Holtzclaw, Bradley - Liberty, SC
Horton, Hunter - Lugoff, SC
Hossain, Shahab - Belton, SC
Houser, Jackson - Greenville, SC
Hrubala, David - Spartanburg, SC

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Ivey, Natalie - Anderson, SC

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Johns, Christopher - Simpsonville, SC
Johnson, Caleb - Myrtle Beach, SC
Johnson, Noah - Myrtle Beach, SC

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Kavarana, Sam - Mount Pleasant, SC
Keefe, Morgan - Cades, SC
Kim, Andrew - Simpsonville, SC
Kim, Hannah - Simpsonville, SC
Kleinfeldt, Annabel - Clemson, SC
Knight, Kaitlin - Sumter, SC

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Latham, Crawford - Columbia, SC
Loflin, Gabriella - Rock Hill, SC
Lollis, Clay - Anderson, SC
Loudermilk, Katie - Anderson, SC
Lyman, Katherine - MT Pleasant, SC
Lynch, Stephen - Columbia, SC

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Marron, Elliott - Greenville, SC
Meng, Claire - Greer, SC
Merchant, Christina - Greenville, SC
Mickey, Suzanna - Sumter, SC
Miller, Alexander - Rock Hill, SC
Miller, Matthew - Rock Hill, SC
Minnich, Bradey - Greenville, SC
Morris, Nathan - Clemson, SC
Moyers, Faith - Greer, SC
Murrell, Allie - Florence, SC
Murrell, Maggie - Florence, SC

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Nichols, Jack - Greenville, SC
Nicholson, Chisolm - Greenville, SC
Noh, David - Simpsonville, SC
Nuckolls, Avery - Greenville, SC
Nuckolls, Day - Greenville, SC

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Parke, Megan - Greenville, SC
Parrott, Taylor - Simpsonville, SC
Patterson, Daniel - Mc Connells, SC
Paul, Jordan - Simpsonville, SC
Phillips, Davis - Fort Mill, SC
Pitts, Matthew - Greer, SC
Pitts, Timothy - Greer, SC
Price, Tip - Greenville, SC

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Qu, James - Greer, SC

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Rankin, Katie - Hilton Head Island, SC
Rasheed, Ian - Mount Pleasant, SC
Rast, John - Columbia, SC
Reed, David - Easley, SC
Roberts, Taylor - Greenville, SC
Ross, William - Sullivans Island, SC
Russell, Hamilton - Greenville, SC
Russell, Samuel - Greenville, SC

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Sandusky, Kylie - Greer, SC
Schlarb, Austin - Simpsonville, SC
Schumacher, Chris - Campobello, SC
Severance, Saige - Charleston, SC
Severance, Sawyer - Charleston, SC
Severance, Sutton - Charleston, SC
Severance, Sydney - Charleston, SC
Sherman, Hayes - Greenville, SC
Shramek, Elkie - Greenville, SC
Slattery, Connor - Columbia, SC
Smith, Benjamin - Clemson, SC
Snow, Spencer - Simpsonville, SC
Sponseller, Clark - Taylors, SC
Sponseller, Davis - Taylors, SC
Spry, James - Greenville, SC
Stambaugh, Parker - Greenville, SC
Steryous, Lilie - Taylors, SC
Stoll, Alexander - Anderson, SC
Stover, Tradd - Sumter, SC
Strehl, Zack - Spartanburg, SC

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Thomas, Will - Greenville, SC
Thompson, Maya - Anderson, SC
Tucker, Rollins - Anderson, SC
Tutman, Emma - Simpsonville, SC
Twitty, Mary Curtis - Columbia, SC

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Vingi, Louis - Charleston, SC
Vollmer, Joseph - Inman, SC

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Wagner, Annika - Inman, SC
Walker, Evan - Greenville, SC
Walls, Gracie - Greenville, SC
Walsh, Sheila - Simpsonville, SC
Ward, Marco - Lake Wylie, SC
Weaver, Rebecca - Lake City, SC
Wetzel, Andrew - Simpsonville, SC
White, Jordan - Lexington, SC
Williamson, Maret - Greenville, SC
Wilson, Ryan - Simpsonville, SC
Wood, Andrew - Greer, SC

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Yodice, Caroline - Mount Pleasant, SC
Young, Robbie - Greenville, SC

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Zalesky, Lukas - Huger, SC
Zhao, Karen - Greer, SC
Zhao, Victor - Greer, SC
Zhao, Zachary - Florence, SC
Zippel, Erica - Columbia, SC

161 Total Players

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