Trails Local Summer Sizzler L7
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Adamec, Alexander - St Augustine, FL
Adamec, Nicholas - St Augustine, FL
Allen, Asia - Sanford, FL
Audino, Marcello - Winnipeg, MB

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Buenner, Sebastian - Ormond Beach, FL

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Carrigan, Evan - Jacksonville Beach, FL
Carrigan, Hannah - Jacksonville Beach, FL

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Dergunova, Karina - Palm Coast, FL
DiMaio, Samantha - Winter Park, FL
Donahue, Trace - Longwood, FL
Duque, JanineJamie - Sanford, FL
Durham, Gregory - Melbourne Beach, FL

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Gaita, Kurt Timothy - Ormond Beach, FL
Go, Kim - Apopka, FL
Go, Megan - Apopka, FL

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Hallock, Claire - Lakeland, FL
Hanan, Nicholas - Jacksonville, FL
Haney, Peyton - Palm Coast, FL
Herrero, Caroline - Ormond Beach, FL

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Kelly, Mallory - Ormond Beach, FL
Kelsey, Hannah - Saint Augustine, FL
Korolev, Ilya - Palm Coast, FL
Koussev, Alexander - Longwood, FL

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Lotter, Joseph - Palm Coast, FL

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Makarov, Andrew - Port Orange, FL
Manfre, Barret - Palm Coast, FL
McConkey, Cameron - Windermere, FL
McLeod, Gaelin - Gainesville, FL
Meyerson, Charlie - Gainesville, FL
Miller, Ethan - Swindon, WI

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Ozzor, Cyba - Daytona Beach, FL
Ozzor, Sami - Daytona Beach, FL

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Parguian, Juliane Rose - West Melbourne, FL
Paschal, Luke - Daytona Beach, FL
Priest, H Camp - Winter Park, FL

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Ruffenach, Rory - Satellite Beach, FL

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Schickel, Bear - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Short, Joey - Guaynabo, PR
Silvera, Gabriel - St Augustine, FL

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Tassopoulos, Constantine - Saint Augustine, FL
Tassopoulos, Jemimah - Saint Augustine, FL

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Vansteenkiste, Quinten - Ormond Beach, FL
Vuille-Kowing, James - Daytona Beach, FL

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Washington, Chelese - Winter Springs, FL
Washington, Jovani - Winter Springs, FL
Worsham, Jaxson - Daytona Beach, FL

46 Total Players

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