Oak Brook's Summer Classic L6
   The Competitor List   

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Abshire, Aiden - Plainfield, IL
Allison, Kevin - LA Grange Highlands, IL
Allison, Xander - LA Grange Highlands, IL
Amin, Jay - Oak Brook, IL
Attlan, Chloe - Hinsdale, IL
Attlan, Sebastian - Hinsdale, IL

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Badawi, Sarah - Burr Ridge, IL
Bajuk, Connor - South elgin, IL
Baker, Emma - Chicago, IL
Batka, David - Lombard, IL
Benedetto, Alexandra - Winnetka, IL
Bouchard, Cambelle - Naples, FL
Bouchard, Shale - Naples, FL
Bremner, Cullen - Wheaton, IL

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Callahan, Kevin - Arlington Heights, IL
Chadick, Grace - Plainfield, IL
Chia, William - North Barrington, IL
Choi, Michael - Warrenville, IL
Choi, Paul - Warrenville, IL
Crawford, Whitney - Sumter, SC

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Dannacher, William - Clarendon Hills, IL

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Ekkurthi, Tej - Aurora, IL

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Fakouri, John - Burr Ridge, IL
Fausey, Elizabeth - Wheaton, IL

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Gadiraju, Mounika - Hoffman Estates, IL
Gadiraju, Pranav - Hoffman Estates, IL
Gavin, Jessica - Naperville, IL
Gavrincea, Michael - Mount Prospect, IL
Gialluisi, John Thomas - Glen Ellyn, IL
Giltner, James - Hinsdale, IL

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Hanna, Sophia - Glen Ellyn, IL
Harland, Charlotte - Naperville, IL
Hatfield, Lauren - Chicago, IL
Henry, Ethan - Downers Grove, IL
Henry, Lexie - Hinsdale, IL
Hillock, Brianna - Homer Glen, IL
Hillock, Cassidy - Homer Glen, IL
Hogan, Claire - Western Springs, IL
Hoo, Elizabeth - Glenview, IL
Hu, Jason - Buffalo Grove, IL
Hwang, Justin - Northbrook, IL

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Immink, Andrew - Glen Ellyn, IL

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Johnson, Patrick - Western Springs, IL
Jucys, Gerda - Downers Grove, IL

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Kerkemeyer, Cameron - Arlington Heights, IL
Knoll, Alex - Clarendon Hills, IL
Knutson, Andrew - Elm Grove, WI
Knutson, Christopher - Elm Grove, WI
Knutson, Colin - Elm Grove, WI
Knutson, Jonathan - Elm Grove, WI
Komoda, Akari - Hoffman Estates, IL
Krishnan, Arjun - Lemont, IL
Kroll, Jack - Hinsdale, IL
Kusak, Thomas - Hinsdale, IL
Kusak, William - Hinsdale, IL

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Lee, Vincent - Lisle, IL
Lemaster, Gannon - Chicago, IL
Lemaster, Gwyneth - Chicago, IL
Li, Joseph - Naperville, IL
Liu, Samuel - Naperville, IL
Lopez, Shannele - Glendale Heights, IL
Lopykinski, Amanda - Yorkville, IL
Loureiro, Maia - Orland Park, IL

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McGuigan, Daniel - Burr Ridge, IL
McMillin, Andrew - Clarendon Hills, IL
Michulka, Marek - Lisle, IL
Mikos, Oliwia - Willowbrook, IL
Mikos, Sylwia - Willowbrook, IL

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Naddell, Bruno - Palatine, IL
Naddell, Elise - Palatine, IL
Naddell, Leopold - Palatine, IL
Nikoleit, Gianna - Elmhurst, IL

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Oudeh, Omar - Orland Park, IL

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Parepally, Anish - South Barrington, IL
Pasielak, Kacper - Wheeling, IL
Patrow, Erika - Glenview, IL
Paul, Tj - Elmhurst, IL
Plunkett, Matthew - Wilmette, IL

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Rachapalli, Kavya - Woodridge, IL
Ramakrishnan, Naveen - Naperville, IL
Riad, Bj - Northbrook, IL
Ribaudo, Ava - Chicago, IL
Robbins, Hunter - Chicago, IL
Rodriguez, Eric - Buffalo Grove, IL
Ross, Anna - Winnetka, IL
Ross, Michael - Winnetka, IL

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Schmitz, Trevor - Hinsdale, IL
Schrader, Casey - Hinsdale, IL
Schrader, Kendall - Hinsdale, IL
Scott, Analea - Chicago, IL
Sengphommachanh, Matthew - Elgin, IL
Shah, Ansh - Oak Brook, IL
Shirley, William - Clarendon Hills, IL
Simhadri, Nihar - Hoffman Estates, IL
Southworth, Roy - Downers Grove, IL
Stasny, Jacqueline - Woodridge, IL
Stasny, Natalie - Woodridge, IL
Stephenson, Erik - Hinsdale, IL
Stout, Sam - Hinsdale, IL

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Thomas, Sara - Clarendon Hills, IL
Tolani, Rohan - Oak Brook, IL
Treiber, Kathryn - Hinsdale, IL
Tsokolas, Eleni - Hinsdale, IL

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Vellanki, Tarun - Lisle, IL

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Wang, David - Naperville, IL
Wazir, Ammar - Hoffman Estates, IL
Weber, James - Marietta, GA
Wheldon, Olivia - Lake Forest, IL
Woods, Justin - Chicago, IL

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Yin, Andrew - Hoffman Estates, IL

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Zhao, Alex - Naperville, IL
Zheng, Ryan - Palatine, IL

112 Total Players

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