Baldwin Fall Tennis Classic DR L7
   The Competitor List   

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Ascencio, Ellian - Venetia, PA
Atkins, Mitchell - Irwin, PA

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Bahri, Reshub - Murrysville, PA
Baloh, Anna - Pittsburgh, PA
Bandi, Arushi - Wexford, PA
Beachy, Elizabeth - Canonsburg, PA
Beer, Cameron - Moon Twp, PA
Bencherif, Neil - Pittsburgh, PA
Bhat, Akash - Venetia, PA
Boyle, Calvin Boyle - Pittsburgh, PA

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Carey, Lauren - Pittsburgh, PA
Catanzarite, Nora - Pittsburgh, PA
Claherty, Alexandra - Pittsburgh, PA
Cowlagi, Rohan - Sewickley, PA

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Davidson, Chase - Wexford, PA
DiNicola, Sophia - Erie, PA
Dollard, Brenden - Mc Murray, PA
Dollard, Jordan - Mc Murray, PA
Dua, Naman - Murrysville, PA

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Eaborn, Gabriele - Coraopolis, PA
Elia, Katherine - Erie, PA
Estatico, Ryan - Pittsburgh, PA

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Ference, James - Bethel Park, PA
Ford, Zane - Wexford, PA

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Gibbons, Daniela - Pittsburgh, PA
Gibbons, Liam - Pittsburgh, PA
Grzyb, Matthew - Mc Murray, PA

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Ham, Alexander - Pittsburgh, PA
Hicken, Kyle - Pittsburgh, PA
Hixon, Megan - Venetia, PA
Hofmann, Richard - Pittsburgh, PA
Holcombe, Jennifer - Venetia, PA

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Isaacs, Jared - Wexford, PA
Izzo, Katherine - Pittsburgh, PA

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Kwok, Kevin - Pittsburgh, PA

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Lee, Eugenia - Allison Park, PA
Lilley, Dru - Venetia, PA
Liu, Catherine - Wexford, PA
Long, Melanie - Pittsburgh, PA
Lynch, Matthew - Eighty Four, PA

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Maheshwari, Yash - Jefferson Hills, PA
Mallampalli, Peter - Sewickley, PA
Marks, Katherine - Pittsburgh, PA
Martin, Benjamin - Canfield, OH
Mason, Mack - Carnegie, PA
May, Kennedy - Presto, PA
May, Lauren - Presto, PA
Mccoy, Sean - Pittsburgh, PA
McDermott, Jackie - Wheeling, WV
Meyer, Joshua - Pittsburgh, PA
Missry, David - Pittsburgh, PA
Monroe, John - California, PA
Mulukutla, Saarang - Wexford, PA

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Narayanan, Pramod - Pittsburgh, PA

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Oskin, Jonathan - Fairview, PA

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Petrone, Bella - Pittsburgh, PA
Prelich, Matthew - Pittsburgh, PA

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Qian, Alice - Wexford, PA
Quackenbush, Alexis - Allison Park, PA
Quackenbush, Clay - Allison Park, PA

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Riley, Jimmy - Pittsburgh, PA
Riley, Kristi - Pittsburgh, PA
Riley, Michael - Pittsburgh, PA
Russell, Scott - Pittsburgh, PA

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Santora, Elyssandra - Renfrew, PA
Schaming, Morgan - Pittsburgh, PA
Schultz, Caitlyn - Erie, PA
Shao, Claire - Wexford, PA
Sharma, Shray - Wexford, PA
Sommariva, Reagan - Butler, PA
Stentz, Jason - Pittsburgh, PA
Stentz, Ryan - Pittsburgh, PA
Stolar, Isaac - Morgantown, WV
Stolar, Makenzie - Morgantown, WV
Swift, Megan - Murrysville, PA

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Turnbull, Theron - Pittsburgh, PA

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Vlad, Alexander - Wexford, PA
Voinov, Ivan - Sewickley, PA

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Warner, Olivia - Eighty Four, PA
Wei, Brandon - Pittsburgh, PA

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Zak, Anna - Pittsburgh, PA

81 Total Players

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