Elite SC - River Glen Fall Open L6
   The Competitor List   

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Ameti, Zana - Sheboygan, WI
Andrzejewski, Piotr - Des Plaines, IL
Ansay, Amelia - Bayside, WI
Aranda, Alex - Fox Point, WI
Aranda, Ridley - Bayside, WI

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Balistreri, Richard - Hartland, WI
Balthazor, Nathan - Green Bay, WI
Balthazor, Nicholas - Green Bay, WI
Balthazor, Norah - Green Bay, WI
Brankle, Allison - Elm Grove, WI
Brantmeier, Reese - Whitewater, WI

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Cady, Grace - Pewaukee, WI
Carson, Lauren - Waukesha, WI
Chester, Ben - Milwaukee, WI
Conta, Matthew - Whitefish Bay, WI
Conta, Patrick - Whitefish Bay, WI
Coran, Jacob - Mequon, WI

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Del Campo, Elianne - Brookfield, WI
Dhala, Rehan - Mequon, WI

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Ebel, Josiah - Pewaukee, WI
Ebel, Lucas - Pewaukee, WI
Ebel, Noah - Pewaukee, WI
Eckes, Olivia - Whitefish Bay, WI
Emold, Jacob - Mequon, WI

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Fairborn, Gordon - Whitefish Bay, WI
Flores Komatsu, Carlos - Brookfield, WI

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Gabriel, Chase - Mequon, WI
Gauger, Emily - Williams Bay, WI
Gong, George - Mequon, WI
Guillermo, Joshua - Muskego, WI
Guillermo, Noah - Muskego, WI
Gurican, Jacob - Whitefish Bay, WI

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Haws, Chatton - Cedarburg, WI
Haws, Hailey - Cedarburg, WI

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Ilchenko, Isabella - Milwaukee, WI

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Jawad-Edgerton, Magali - Milwaukee, WI
Johnson, Casey - Kohler, WI

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Kasbeer, Benjamin - Lake Forest, IL
Kendler, Owen - Elm Grove, WI
Knutson, Andrew - Elm Grove, WI
Knutson, Christopher - Elm Grove, WI
Knutson, Colin - Elm Grove, WI
Knutson, Jonathan - Elm Grove, WI

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La Londe, Tess - Cedarburg, WI
Landstrom, Lauren - New Berlin, WI
Lopez, Qavia - Milwaukee, WI

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Mardanus-Budiono, Ethan - Sussex, WI
Marx, Jacob - West Allis, WI
Meyer, Daniel - Appleton, WI
Mihailescu, Sylvia - DE Pere, WI
Moore, Tony - Menomonee Falls, WI
Mullick, Rahul - Mequon, WI

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Nuthi, Varun - Sussex, WI

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Peppel, Matthew - Hartland, WI
Pietila, Brendan - Sussex, WI
Pietila, Jared - Sussex, WI

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Rait, Xander - Germantown, WI
Rehard, Matthew - Oconomowoc, WI
Ren, Tianrui - Brookfield, WI
Risgaard, Ryan - Neenah, WI
Roa, Oliver - Dunlap, IL

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Sabnis, Sunil - Fox Point, WI
Sadowski, Evan - New Berlin, WI
Sadowski, Jonathan - New Berlin, WI
Saluja, Akshay - Brookfield, WI
Saluja, Anand - Brookfield, WI
Sankrithi, Ashwin - New Berlin, WI
Schaetz, Alexander - West Bend, WI
Schifano, Jordan - Fox Point, WI
Schneider, Ben - Whitefish Bay, WI
Schutter, Aidan - Sun Prairie, WI
Shapsis, Sasha - Mequon, WI
Slicker, Joey - Mequon, WI
Sniatynski, Mason - Lake Geneva, WI
Spaulding, James - Winnetka, IL
Sprinkmann, Ellie - Mequon, WI
Sprinkmann, Zachary - Mequon, WI
Strauss, Riley - Mequon, WI
Sullivan, Harrison - Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Symes, Logan - Germantown, WI

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Taleghani, Daniel - Mequon, WI
Tan, Jason - Brookfield, WI
Tang, Sabrina - Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Tennison, Will - Verona, WI

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VanBell, Caroline - Milwaukee, WI
Viste, Noah - Wauwatosa, WI

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Wade, Katelyn - Mequon, WI
Weise, Andie - Cedarburg, WI
Wong, Teddy - River Hills, WI
Wronski, Jonah - Whitefish Bay, WI
Wronski, Luke - Whitefish Bay, WI

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Yang, Natalie - Mequon, WI

92 Total Players

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