12th New Bern Fall Open
   The Competitor List   

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Ambati, Yashas - Morrisville, NC
Aranyos, Lily - Greenville, NC
Atkins, Lauren - Greenville, NC

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Bansittidet, Richard - Snow Hill, NC
Barrow, Davis - Raleigh, NC
Barrow, Nigle - Raleigh, NC
Brice, Brody - Rocky Mount, NC
Brice, Chandler - Rocky Mount, NC
Brice, Kyla - New Bern, NC
Brice, Tyler - Rocky Mount, NC
Bulla, Emily - Beaufort, NC
Burch, Jonathan - Beaufort, NC
Burroughs, Emma - Cerro Gordo, NC

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Campbell, Gary - Clayton, NC
Colie, Kristen - La Grange, NC
Cook, John - Trent Woods, NC
Costello, Dylan - Snow Hill, NC
Cullipher, Madison - Grimesland, NC

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Fredrickson, Taylor - Valdese, NC
French, John - Raleigh, NC
French, Lauren - Raleigh, NC
Frogley, Dawson - Trent Woods, NC

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Grady, McKenzie - Hampstead, NC
Gray, Jonathan - Jacksonville, NC

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Hardesty, Nancy - Raleigh, NC
Harrell, Seth - Clinton, NC
High, Julia - Battleboro, NC
Hill, William - Hookerton, NC
Hodges, John - Greenville, NC
Hoveland, Mary - Trent Woods, NC
Hu, Belinda - Greenville, NC
Hyde, Dillon - Raleigh, NC
Hylton, Max - Greenville, NC

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Lee, Sam - Wilmington, NC
Lee, Sydney - Wilmington, NC
Lilov, Donovan - Cary, NC

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Mantyh, Jack - Durham, NC
Mantyh, Jim - Durham, NC
Morris, Anna - Trent Woods, NC
Morris, Isabel - Trent Woods, NC
Morris, Tyler - Trent Woods, NC

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Nuckolls, Lily - New Bern, NC

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Parker, James - Cary, NC
Peacock, Lucy - Trent Woods, NC
Peacock, William - Trent Woods, NC
Philemon, Peyton - Wilmington, NC
Pitman, Jamie - Smyrna, NC
Pullicino, Christian - Jacksonville, NC
Pyritz, Jack - Wake Forest, NC
Pyritz, Tiffany - Wake Forest, NC

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Qadir, Waleed - Kinston, NC

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Ralph, Patrick - Elizabeth City, NC
Reed, Frances - Greenville, NC
Roberson, Blanton - Raleigh, NC

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Saravanan, Jai - Apex, NC
Scheper, Spencer - New Bern, NC
Smelcer, Trey - Rocky Mount, NC
Smith, Abigail - Chapel Hill, NC
Stokes, Maryah - Greenville, NC

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Tewari, Jeevan - Greenville, NC
Thompson, Kathryn - Wilmington, NC

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Viets, Matthew - New Bern, NC

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Wilkins, Connor - Washington, NC
Worthington, Connor - Greenville, NC

64 Total Players

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