OK Open Sec. 1 Hilton Garden Inn S. Open
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Acosta, Evan - Springfield, MO
Acosta, Tyler - Springfield, MO
Alp, Killian - Tulsa, OK

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Bandy, Roman - Mounds, OK
Barber, Ashley - Tulsa, OK
Barber, Emily - Tulsa, OK
Barton, Katherine - Tulsa, OK
Bensch, Mitchell - Broken Arrow, OK
Berryman, Jeremy - Broken Arrow, OK

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Cameron, Scott - Edmond, OK
Canada, Parker - Guthrie, OK
Charvat, Jacqueline - Tulsa, OK
Cherry, Logan - Broken Arrow, OK
Conway, Parker - Bixby, OK
Cox, Cade - Claremore, OK
Cox, Taylor - Broken Arrow, OK
Culberson, Connor - Tulsa, OK

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De Los Santos, Logan - Bixby, OK
DeMaio, Christian - Tulsa, OK
DeWendt, Ryan - Tulsa, OK
Dick, Brady - Broken Arrow, OK
Dick, Hudson - Broken Arrow, OK

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Elsey, Jackson - Bixby, OK

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Fingerle, Marissa - Claremore, OK

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Gawey, Matthew - Tulsa, OK
Graham, Blake - Broken Arrow, OK
Graham, Luke - Broken Arrow, OK
Gregg, Kaison - Broken Arrow, OK

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Henry, Hunter - Tulsa, OK
Hjelm, Lauren - Tulsa, OK
Hjelm, Scott - Tulsa, OK
Holcomb, Maggie - Bixby, OK
Holcomb, Melody - Bixby, OK
Hoose, Sydney - Tulsa, OK

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Jaggernauth, Joshua - Tulsa, OK
Jenkins, Ashlee - Broken Arrow, OK

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Kubis, David - Tulsa, OK

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McGuire, Guy - Claremore, OK
Mcguire, Jake - Claremore, OK
Merrill, Nicole - Broken Arrow, OK

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Nelson, Emily - Tulsa, OK

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Parmar, Seerut - Tulsa, OK
Parmar, Sehej-Leen - Tulsa, OK
Pasricha, Ishan - Broken Arrow, OK

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Reid, Grace - Enid, OK
Roberts, Taryn - Enid, OK
Robinson, Aiden - Tulsa, OK
Roy, Juliet - Broken Arrow, OK

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Sheppard, Owen - Tulsa, OK
Sisovsky, Jordyn - Claremore, OK
Smith, Kaden - Broken Arrow, OK
Smith, Kalley - Broken Arrow, OK
Sprouse, Blake - Broken Arrow, OK
StClair, Harrison - Broken Arrow, OK

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Thomas, Bryan - Bixby, OK
Todd, Marcus - Tulsa, OK
Todd, Matthew - Tulsa, OK
Tyrrell, Alexander - Tulsa, OK

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Vaughn, Jeremy - Broken Arrow, OK
Vaughn, Zachary - Broken Arrow, OK

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Westfall, Ryan - Claremore, OK
Wolcott, Aynsley - Tulsa, OK

62 Total Players

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