2013 St. Mary's W Invit .(ID 265631)
   Entrants - ITA Blue Singles (ID 265634)   

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CP Anna Klavins,
CP Chanel Scudiero,
CP Haley Kepler,
CP Paula Kreider,
CP Sayaka Tsugai,

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DAV Claire Meunier,
DAV ClaireJaramshian,
DAV Kammy Kecki,
DAV Samantha Martino,

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FS Claire Yang,

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GON Isabel Klingert,
GON Sissi Koehler,

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PAC C.SaenzDeBuruaga,
PAC ChrstianaFerrari,
PAC Regina Suarez,
POR Marina Reimers,

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SAC Andie Mouzes,
SAC Emily McColl,
SC Elaine Chesoni,

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USF Brooke Irish,
USF Lindsay Warren,
USF MilHadzi-Tanovic,
UW Angela Chen,
UW Brianna Kemp,
UW Natalie Allen,
UW Sarah Steele,

26 Total Players

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