33rd Thanksgiving Jr. Singles
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Ali, Dean - Westlake, OH
Allan, Katie - Ashtabula, OH
Aten, Gavin - Akron, OH
Aufrance, AnnaMae - Louisville, OH

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Baker, Logan - Ravenna, OH
Bandi, Monika - Solon, OH
Bilinovich, Clark - Clinton, OH
Bird, Alec - Massillon, OH
Birze, Natasha - Chagrin Falls, OH
Bruin, Timothy - North Canton, OH
Buchinsky, David - Solon, OH
Buchinsky, Rachel - Solon, OH
Buetow, Erik - Bay Village, OH
Buser, Emma - Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Busnawi, Shaira - Avon, OH

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Carmichael, Tatum - Akron, OH
Cha, Alexander - Highland Heights, OH
Choban, Leah - Westlake, OH
Cianciola, Hannah - Canfield, OH
Cianciola, Sydney - Canfield, OH
Cianciola, Timothy - Canfield, OH
Clark, Jackson - Ravenna, OH
Clark, Spencer - Ravenna, OH
Clark, Weston - Ravenna, OH
Cribbet, Jacob - Akron, OH
Cribbet, Nicholas - Akron, OH
Cui, Ally - Strongsville, OH
Cunningham, Joseph - Hinsdale, IL
Cvammen, Ryan - Silver Lake, OH
Cywinska, Greta - Broadview Hts, OH

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Daverio, Isabella - Richfield, OH
Dobos, Morgan - Copley, OH
Du, Kevin - Copley, OH

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Eckman, Elise - Poland, OH

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Fehn, Josef - Cleveland Heights, OH
Fehn, Nicholas - Cleveland Heights, OH
Fiedler, Matt - Akron, OH
Fisher, Nathan - Akron, OH
Fried, Niya - Peninsula, OH
Fukamachi, Shouta - Mayfield Hts, OH
Funera, Michael - Hermitage, PA

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Garcha, Pritam - Akron, OH
Gellner, Bryan - Waterford, NY
Gillinov, Nicole - Moreland Hills, OH
Goldstein, Jake - Chagrin Falls, OH
Gota, Paul - Moreland Hills, OH
Graham, Grace - Hudson, OH
Griebling, Alexandra - Lexington, OH

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Harwood, Skyelyn - Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Henson, Emma - Massillon, OH
Hsia, Joshua - Twinsburg, OH
Hutchings, Michael - Wadsworth, OH
Hutchinson, William - Wadsworth, OH

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Isherwood, Teddi - Butler, PA

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Jha, Aditya - Strongsville, OH
Jiao, Lynn - Shaker Heights, OH
Joranko, Charles - Shaker Heights, OH
Joseph, Denil - Canton, OH

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Kanarsky, Nicholas - Solon, OH
Karajovic, Milan - Hudson, OH
Kazazic, Ella - Cleveland, OH
Kazazic, Melissa - Cleveland, OH
Keating, Brent - Dover, OH
Kelly, Benjamin - Medina, OH
Kosich, Andrew - Akron, OH
Krantz, Spencer - Solon, OH
Kromalic, Matthew - Copley, OH
Kumar, Bharat - Akron, OH
Kumar, Raj - Akron, OH
Kumar, Ram - Akron, OH

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Lampner, Andrew - Fairlawn, OH
Lee, Kate - Chardon, OH
Lee, Molly - Chardon, OH
Levinson, Sophia - Shaker Heights, OH
Lifke, Claire - Akron, OH
Liu, Thomas - Solon, OH
Long, Robert - Canfield, OH
Longo, Lauren - Novelty, OH
Lynch, Elloise - Chagrin Falls, OH

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Ma, Alicia - Hudson, OH
Ma, Hannah - Hudson, OH
Martuccio, Jack - Warren, OH
Marwah, Arartik - Cleveland, OH
Mawby, Isabelle - Hudson, OH
McCombs, Mitchell - Dover, OH
Michelich, Connor - Westlake, OH
Miranda, Tyler - Valley City, OH
Modi, Devesh - Brecksville, OH
Modi, Vikash - Brecksville, OH
Moore, Douglas - Akron, OH
Moran, Tess - Lakewood, OH
Mostardi, Nico - Avon, OH

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Nesic, Brian - Aurora, OH
Nesic, Marco - Aurora, OH
Norman, Charles - Aurora, OH
Norman, Irene - Aurora, OH

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O'Leary, Lauren - North Canton, OH
Ong, Andrew - Copley, OH

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Paczak, Aaron - Cortland, OH
Peercy, Lydia - Sagamore Hills, OH
Perdion, Zachary - Brecksville, OH
Petrinec, Emily - Hudson, OH
Petrunas, Sophia - Richmond Hts, OH
Polifrone, Dominic - Hudson, OH
Pozdneev, Ilya - Willoughby, OH
Prindle, Justin - Solon, OH

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Qin, Luke - Solon, OH
Quraishi, Eesa - Akron, OH

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Randazzo, Audrey - Summit, NJ
Reese, Lindsay - Massillon, OH
Reese, Megan - Massillon, OH
Reese, Paige - Massillon, OH
Reese, Samantha - Massillon, OH
Ricciardi, Anthony - Youngstown, OH
Ricciardi, Marisa - Youngstown, OH
Rodriguez, Gabriela - Beachwood, OH
Rothchild, Blake - Beachwood, OH
Rothchild, Ty - Beachwood, OH
Rotnov, Vlad - Solon, OH

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Shome, Ava - Akron, OH
Shome, Owen - Akron, OH
Siciliano, Andrew - Broadview Hts, OH
Sidick, Chloe - Powell, OH
Speckman, Emily - Medina, OH
Stefani, Garrett - Rocky River, OH
Stopka, James - Hudson, OH
Stopka, Zachary - Hudson, OH
Strah, Hunter - Akron, OH
Symonds, Andrew - Wooster, OH

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Teffner, Zachary - Cortland, OH

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Utterback, Laurel - North Canton, OH

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Vendetti, James - Conneaut, OH
Vesikallio, Alexandra - Bay Village, OH
Vesikallio, Kai - Bay Village, OH

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Waddell, Allyson - Akron, OH
Wang, Grace - Broadview Heights, OH
Welch, Allison - Medina, OH
Wern, Chase - Poland, OH
Wood, Avery - North Canton, OH
Wood, Claire - North Canton, OH
Wood, Jacob - North Canton, OH
Wood, Merin - North Canton, OH

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Yang, Maggie - Solon, OH
Yang, William - Copley, OH
Yeary, Robert - Uniontown, OH
Yurchisin, Rachel - Cleveland, OH

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Zhou, Amy - Hudson, OH
Zhou, James - Solon, OH
Zhu, Alex - Solon, OH

149 Total Players

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