Chapel Hill Country Club Jr. Chmps.
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Abernethy, Eli - Asheville, NC
Abernethy, Gracey - Asheville, NC
Abernethy, Sarah - Asheville, NC
Abrams, Joshua - Chapel Hill, NC
Agregado, Andre - New York, NY
Ambrose, John - Raleigh, NC
Andersen, Brandon - Clayton, NC
Andersen, Crystal - Clayton, NC

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Baddour, Johnathan - Chapel Hill, NC
Baddour, Lauren - Chapel Hill, NC
Bajwa, Nadir - Cary, NC
Ballantine, Augie - Wilmington, NC
Bardini, Andrew - Wake Forest, NC
Baynard, Holland - Wilmington, NC
Beck, Bradley - Wake Forest, NC
Bell, Brinley - High Point, NC
Bell, Duncan - High Point, NC
Benton, Cody - Chapel Hill, NC
Benton, Samantha - Chapel Hill, NC
Berg, Elena - Wilmington, NC
Berg, Noah - Wilmington, NC
Blue, Jalen - Wilmington, NC
Bobba, Revanth - Cary, NC
Boggis, Alex - Raleigh, NC
Borden, Frank - Durham, NC
Bouton, Griffin - Cary, NC
Brandt, Alexander - Chapel Hill, NC
Bruno, Isabella - Burlington, NC
Bryant, Brenna - Tarboro, NC
Bryant, Isaac - Chapel Hill, NC
Buttar, Shaan - Raleigh, NC

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Cai, Jerry - Chapel Hill, NC
Campbell, Gary - Clayton, NC
Caruana, Mia - Raleigh, NC
Chandok, Kreday - Cary, NC
Cheatham, Eleanor - Rocky Mount, NC
Chen, Oliver - Chapel Hill, NC
Chen, Vivian - Apex, NC
Coch, Carolina - Chapel Hill, NC
Coe, Ellie - Cary, NC
Cone, Alexa - Charlotte, NC
Cone, Kasey - Charlotte, NC
Cone, Ryder - Charlotte, NC
Conley, Lachlan - Raleigh, NC
Conley, Sean - Raleigh, NC
Corcoran, Olivia - Cary, NC

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Dauler, Brandon - Summerfield, NC
DeGroff, Alexandra - Raleigh, NC
Desilva, Sunimal - Chapel Hill, NC
Dewey, Matthew - Greensboro, NC
Dunkley, Reagan - Raleigh, NC
Durham, Noah - Wilmington, NC

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Erdmann, Georg - Durham, NC
Erdmann, Ralph - Durham, NC

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Fairley, William - Greensboro, NC
FAlk, Thomson - Chapel Hill, NC
Feldman, Dalton - Raleigh, NC
Fernstrum, Halle - Cary, NC
Fessler, Jacob - Cary, NC
Fisher, Forrest - Chapel Hill, NC
Frogley, Dawson - Trent Woods, NC

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Gaines, Rebekkah - Kernersville, NC
George, Eleanor - Chapel Hill, NC
George, Renee - Chapel Hill, NC
Ghotkar, Rohit - Cary, NC
Gilbert, Charles - Cary, NC
Gilleland, Adam - Morrisville, NC
Grabowski, Milla - Cary, NC
Gray, Sophia - Cary, NC
Gray, Trevor - Cary, NC
Grewe, NIcholas - Raleigh, NC
Griffin, Kate - Raleigh, NC
Gu, Leon - Cary, NC

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Hargrove, Jabari - Hillsborough, NC
Harris, Reagan - Greensboro, NC
Hasund, Cameron - Cary, NC
Hasund, Chloe - Cary, NC
Hau, Kamran - Morrisville, NC
Henry, Sam - Southern Pines, NC
Hobart, Jeffrey - Raleigh, NC
Holman, Nicholas - Cary, NC
Holshouser, Anna - Raleigh, NC
Honeycutt, Cole - Chapel Hill, NC
Hsu, Lauren - Raleigh, NC

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Jallo, Diane - Wilson, NC
Johnson, Elizabeth - Apex, NC
Johnson, Ellie - Raleigh, NC
Johnson, Luke - Raleigh, NC
Joksimovic, Iskra - Chapel Hill, NC
Joksimovic, Stela - Chapel Hill, NC
Juneja, Arjun - Cary, NC

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Kalbas, Joseph - Chapel Hill, NC
Kim, Jonathan - Durham, NC
Kim, Zachary - Durham, NC
Kodesh, Zachary - Cary, NC
Kottong, Max - Chapel Hill, NC
Kreager, Ethan - Greensboro, NC
Krepps, Bailey - Raleigh, NC
Krepps, Logan - Raleigh, NC

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Lewis, Madison - Chapel Hill, NC
Lutz, Connor - Chapel Hill, NC
Lycan, Alex - Holly Springs, NC

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Marsland, Harris - Chapel Hill, NC
McClanahan, Sarah - Chapel Hill, NC
Mccord, Alexandra - Apex, NC
McGuire, Joseph - Chapel Hill, NC
McLean, Benjamin - Chapel Hill, NC
McWhorter, Carter - Greensboro, NC
Michalakis, Irene - Raleigh, NC
Mondello, Joseph - Morrisville, NC
Moody, Matthew - Raleigh, NC
Moody, Michael - Raleigh, NC
Moore, Maddie - Chapel Hill, NC

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Nangali, Samvit - Monmouth Junction, NJ
Narayanan, Aditya - Cary, NC
Narbut, Oliver - Chapel Hill, NC

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O'Hagerty, Colin - Hillsborough, NC
Oldis, Jack - Greensboro, NC

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Park, Christina - Chapel Hill, NC
Patchamuthu, Kadhir - Cary, NC
Patil, Siddharth - Cary, NC
Perumov, Dennis - Chapel Hill, NC
Price, Nija - Raleigh, NC
Pritchard, Brooke - Chapel Hill, NC

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Reckford, Jocelyn - Chapel Hill, NC
Reddy, Rohan - Chapel Hill, NC
Reed, Hayden - Wake Forest, NC
Reese, Will - Cary, NC
Ren, Ridge - Colfax, NC
Rigsby, Kylie - Raleigh, NC
Robbins, Lauren - Raleigh, NC
Robbins, Matthew - Raleigh, NC
Rodgers, Kenna - Cary, NC
Rosenberg, Jake - Durham, NC

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Saravanan, Jai - Apex, NC
Schmonsees, Grace - Apex, NC
Shamdasani, Ritika - Fayetteville, NC
Shivdasani, Rohin - Chapel Hill, NC
Singh, Aman - Cary, NC
Smelcer, Trey - Rocky Mount, NC
Smith, Abigail - Chapel Hill, NC
Smith, Lily - Chapel Hill, NC
Smith, Miles - Charlotte, NC
Smith, Rutledge - Chapel Hill, NC
Solomon, Logan - Mooresville, NC
Spainhour, Kaela - Wake Forest, NC
Steffen, Lukas - Cary, NC
Stillwell, Anna - Raleigh, NC
Stillwell, Caroline - Raleigh, NC

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Tehrani, Nikki - Raleigh, NC
Tehrani, Nousha - Raleigh, NC
Tenneti, Inu - Morrisville, NC
Tenneti, Neel - Morrisville, NC
Timinskas, Natalie - Raleigh, NC
Timinskas, Taylor - Raleigh, NC
Towning, Madeline - Chapel Hill, NC

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Whitaker, Junious - Raleigh, NC
Williams, Madison - Greensboro, NC
Winzelberg, Max - Chapel Hill, NC

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Xiao, Julia - Chapel Hill, NC
Xiao, Olivia - Chapel Hill, NC

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Zhao, Felix - Chapel Hill, NC
Zhao, Victor - Chapel Hill, NC
Zheng, Zachary - Chapel Hill, NC
Zinn, Jake - Chapel Hill, NC
Zoglio, Dean - Fuquay Varina, NC

166 Total Players

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