2017 Road to Vegas Florida Championships
Dates:     May 26-29, 2017
Divisions:     MWd, MW40d
Hosting Site:     IMG
11847 Fiord Drive
Orlando, FL USA 32827
Draw Phone:     727-510-4303
Chairman:     Rick Workman
Section:     Florida

Play will begin Saturday morning and planned to conclude Sunday afternoon. Teams will play a minimum of 3 times. MONDAY will be used in case of inclement weather or in a division with a larger than expectded entry.

18+ Divisions iwill be composed of at least 5 players and not more than 10. Team matches composed of 1 Singles & 2 Doubles. 40+ Divisions:will be composed of at least 6 players and not more than 10.. Team matches composed of 3 Doubles. All Teams will play a minimum of 3 times. Lineups may be changed for each match.

2 sets; regular scoring; "set" tiebreaker at 6-all (First to 7 by 2); If sets split, a "Match" tiebreaker will be played to decide the match (First to 10 by 2).

Quick Reference
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Information last updated on April 6, 2017 at 2:02 PM
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